The disconnect that matters

In Political economy on 31/03/2011 at 6:36 am

The disconnect that matters is not the one that exists between what the government does and what the media says. It is the one between what the media says and what people actually think about their lives, blogged Alistar Campbell, once Tony Blair’s spin doctor.

In S’pore, the disconnect is even worse. The disconnect is between what SPH, MediaCorp and government say and the facts on the ground as perceived by reasonable people.

Anyone relying on SPH, MediaCorp and government statements for their understanding of Singapore would have believed that there was no poverty here; that social workers would deliver delicious cooked meals to welfare receipients; that all FTs were talented people that S’pore needed; that FTs did not put a cap or drive down on the salaries of S;porean PMETS; that the liberal immigration policies did not strain the public transport and housing, and social infrastructures; that public security was good; and that ministers were all worth a lot more than they were being paid.

Well those people who believed these things would have been daft.   Juz one example, the government has admitted to (without accepting the responsibility for) the strain that the liberal FT policies have put on the social, and public transport and housing infrastructures.

As changing the government is not easy within the current electoral system, the unhappiness shows up in other ways.

S’poreans are getting more and more cynical about the worth of remaining here. Look at the emigration figures.

Some netizens are getting so alienated that they are doing “disgusting” things as Siew Kum Hong has blogged.

It would be gd if the government realises sooner than later that the disconnect exists and starts accepting the facts on the grounds as Hard Truths,  rather than as inconvenient truths to be evasive about.

If not, one way or other, there will be no global city state.  Juz a backwater, juz as it was in 1819.

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