RP: Playing with fire

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It would seem that trying to do the right thing gets being taken for being weak and foolish.

A few weeks ago I blogged on the NSP rowing with practically all the other parties over seats. Since then, I’ve been told the NSP has “done the right thing”. It conceded one seat to SDP and reached a compromise with the WP over one GRC (Moulmein – Kallang) and two SMCs.

It now plans to put its “Team ex-RP + one other” in Chua Chu Kang.  The NSP has been active in this area for ages.

Well now the ST reports that the RP has told the NSP that it would contest this GRC if the NSP did not concede the Radin Mas and Pioneer SMCs to RP. There had been some wayanging over these two SMCs.

What is sad is that the RP Sec-Gen made this threat public via ST.

What is sadder, this threat could become another self-inflicted wound to RP and KJ’s rapidly diminishing reputations. (I’ll blog on the rise and fall of RP one of these days.)

Despite denials, it is widely believed that the RP is streched to field teams in two GRCs*. What happens if NSP, tired of being pushed around, decides not to concede anything? The RP could find itself in serious trouble. It might not even be able to field a team in Chua Chu Kang. And if it did, the team would certainly not have more credibility than the NSP which includes three ex-RP members, two of which were RP “stars”.  And all this in an area where NSP has been active in recent years.

And what happens when KJ the fabby meets Steve Chia, the guy who could model speedos.

Exactly, in any fight the RP would lose badly. S’poreans may say that they admire JBJ but they certainly didn’t buy his books when he was hawking them. So whty should they vote for his son?

But what if in losing, the RP tipped the balance in favour of the PAP?  S’poreans would not forgive KJ.

Being the new kid on the block is tough, but that doesn’t mean attempting  to play chicken with NSP, and self-destructing if the bets don’t pay off. I hope the WP and Chiam can help KJ see sense, and not link the two westerly SMCs to Chua Chu Kang. In the latter, NSP is objectively the best party to stand.


*Despite the RP’s song and dance of working with Chiam in a GRC, it is the NSP that is working with him, not RP.

  1. Did you mean to say “not have”

    “And if it did, the team would certainly have more credibility than the NSP which includes three ex-RP members”

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