PR Pros: The PAP needs yr help

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The governing PAP has a reputation for being control freaks. Nothing must go wrong, and if something does go wrong, there is always a reason why the minister or MP  did not goof.  Even God can goof but never the PAP.

But even the “nation-building”, “constructive” local media could not hide the lack of preparation that went into the introduction of new PAP MP candidates. 

It is clear from the examples cited below that the candidates were not coached into giving senitised answers to likely media questions:

— When Ms Foo was asked abt M’sia, all she could say was that the food was gd there.

— When Puthucheary was asked what he tot about the Internal Security Act under which his dad was arrested, he ended up saying that his views on this was an internal PAP matter.

— When Ms Tin was asked about her greatest regret, her answer was not taking her parents to a theme park.

Given the candidates’ backgrounds, these were questions that could have been easily anticipated. And PR-type answers prepared. Instead, these questions and the answers thereto gave us glimses into the shallowness of these so-called A team talents.

Then there was the failure to get Kate Spade Tin to block access to her Face Book page before her public introduction. 

And I’m surprised that no-one advised Puthu on his “defending S’pore” and “saving babies=NS” remarks. I don’t hold it against Puthu that he didn’t do NS. But I find it offensive for him to brag of his willingness to defending S’pore without telling us how he meant to do it.  And I find it doubly offensive of him of him to equate saving babies with doing NS.

Again these mis-steps could have been avoided with the aid of gd PR advisers.

But what if they had gd PR advice but they goofed?

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  2. Coming from successful career backgrouds, it simply cannot be the lack of ability to think on their feet but more of the fear of saying the wrong thing that makes them fumble ….. sigh …..

  3. I think is best voters get to see the raw side of the candidates upfront, before they get turned into smooth-talking, polished yes man/woman after joining the party. Media training will only make politics into spin-doctoring. So let’s keep the fumble coming. It can only show the candidates in its best/worse original light.

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