PAP: The importance of the 67% mark

In Political governance on 13/04/2011 at 5:55 am

The PAP wants, as usual, an “overwhelming mandate”. In 2006, it didn’t get it, getting only 67% of the votes cast. The uptrend since the low of 61% in 1991 was broken decisively. The PAP had won 75% of the popular vote in 2001.

This underwhelming mandate of 67% was achieved despite a growing economy, a new PM and the usual election goodies.

Anything below 67% will indicate a gloomy future for the MIW. Remember this is the first election where the post-65ers are in the majority. The voting power of this group can only get stronger, and unless the PAP can win over more of these people, the PAP’s share of the popular vote can only decline.  The failure to do better than 67% is an indication that the PAP is just “treading” water with the post- 65ers.

If the PAP manages only 60 or 61%, then the PAP knows that it has failed to connect with the post-65ers, “Kate Spade” Tin’s and “Saving babies=NS” Puthu’s efforts notwithstanding.

 Janil Puthcheary can “cut and run” to another country where he can ‘defend” and “be fully invested in” in greater safety. After all he has only been a citizen here for two years. He seems to spend , on average, seven years in any one country. And he wants to persuade S’poreans that he is a stayer?

Too bad for “Kate Spade” Tin though. Bit difficulty to “cut and run” when hubby is senior aide to PM. But divorce is an option?

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