WP: The problem with light blue

In Wit on 22/04/2011 at 7:19 am

If you look at the photos (see last para for link), you could be forgiven for thinking that the WP candidates are wearing white shirts, and not light blue shirts. I commented on this to a friend who is not allied with any Opposition party, even though he has a social and civic conscience.

He explained to me that the lighting made the shirts appear white. It wasn’t, as I had joked, that the people in blue wanted to send a subtle signal that they were really men in white. It’s juz that light blue is a very subtle colour.

I hadn’t planned to blog on this but the pix accompanying this article gives the impression that only one person is wearing blue. Please WP do something about your backdrop, or wear shirts a darker shade of blue, like the lady at the corner is doing.

Don’t give people who wish you ill or the local MSM any opportunity to make fun of the WP.

(The article  mentioned in the first para where the accompanying photos “show” the people in blue wearing white. They are not. It’s the lighting.  For what is white, look at the CNA microphones. That is white.)

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  2. Maybe a Rorschach test would be good to be had? I think it is the blue->white archs behind the speakers is playing tricks on the eye.

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