Chiam: The importance of EQ

In Political governance on 23/04/2011 at 9:50 am

When the SDA turned down KennethJ’s attempt (with the help of Chiam) to take over the SDA, I tot what a balls-up.  I didn’t think much of KennethJ’s attempt to takeover SDA (What experience did he have? He only had Daddy’s name). I was wondering what Chiam was up to , both in agreeing to KennethJ’s plan and in not sounding out the views of the other members SDA, before agreeing to support the plan.

But his refusal to get upset by KennethJ’s barbed comments about him, and continuing to extend the hand of friendship to KennethJ, showed he remained a gentleman, worthy to be called an elder statesman of the Opposition.

But still the outlook for his career as a politician looked bleak. And proposing his wife as candidate in Potong Pasir, didn’t seem a gd idea. Sounded like an attempt to keep the seat in the family.

Today, he seems to be on a roll. He has a credible team to contest Bishan-Toa Payoh and he tells us he has found a sponsor willing to donate $2m to fund a foundation. These are great achievements.

He has also added to his reputation as an elder statesman by saying publicly that there are no strings attached to the loan of candidates to RP. If the RP does well enough to get NCMP seats, the RP can choose the NCMPs.

Gamblers have a saying, “So long as the money does not run out, luck will follow”.

Chiam has shown that in politics, “So long as there is EQ, and steely determination all things are possible”, something that both KennethJ and Goh Meng Seng should take heed of.

KennethJ needs some tips on how to be a politician,  while Meng Seng needs reminding that playing “chicken” games and smashing his boots into faces are great ways to lose goodwill.

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