PAP candidates: 16.7% casuality rate already

In Political governance on 28/04/2011 at 11:44 am

Wonder waz  so gd abt the PAP selection candidate selection ptocess when 16.7% or four out the 24 initial candidates have proven themselves to be hollow even before the fighting begins?.

The PAP-produced videos of Kate Spade Tin allowed me to see for myself the shallowness her views. Worse, set her beside NSP Nicole, and she looks and sounds pathetic and inmature. Readers will know I’m no fan of the NSP but when I saw the clip of Nicole talking abt why she became a do-gooder, I was impressed. And the NSP doesn’t have the resources of the PAP in scouting for and attracting talent.

Then there is Puthu who equates saving babies with doing NS, insulting doctors who have done NS and saved lives or treated patients. Contrast him with WP Chen who did his NS when he was under no obligation to do so.  He respected the institution of NS.

Next is Ms Foo who couldn’t handle a question about her country of birth, Malaysia.

A nd finally there is Steve Tan who told reporters that he denies any allegations about him that they have heard. The funny thing is that he had assumed the reporters had heard nasty things about him. I know at least one reporter from a foreign publication who did not know the stories about him, but who soon found out. He couldn’t handle the situation.

Oh and how come the PAP system of selection did not discover that he had “issues” that would not look gd for him and the PAP if they became public.

The PAP is starting to resemble F Troop, the dysfunctional cavalry unit in  a satirical American television comedy series, what with a casualty rate of 16.7% before any serious fighting breaks out.

Remember, what a pillar of the establishment, Ngiam Tong Dow said in 2003, “At the first sign of a grassroots revolt, they [the incumbent elite] will probably collapse just like the incumbent Progressive Party to the left-wing PAP onslaught in the late 1950s. “

  1. Steve Tan’s out of contention. Shouldn’t be accounted for the casualty stat.

    If there’s any casualty from SteveTan Gate, it’s the PM. Apparently, letters regarding the ‘personal issue’ were sent to PMO…

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