Waz so great abt having NTUC leaders in cabinet?

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NTUC leader and cabinet minister, Lim Swee Say says that unlike the PAP, the Opposition if it comes into power will not have the NTUC represented in cabinet.

Until recently, in addition to Swee Say, his predecessor as NTUC head was in the cabinet.

Yet their presence in the cabinet has not prevented the real wages of bottom 25% of workers from declining in the last 11 years or so.

Nor has it slowed the growth of the cost of HDB flats. Once, one could repay the loan in 10 yrs or less, then 20 yrs. Now it’s getting closer to 30 yrs.

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  2. There are few scenarios that Singaporeans must understand in this GE2011:

    1. More voices but no change – To have less than 1/3 opposition seats in parliament will not change anything already done, e.g. cost of living, FTs, property prices, etc except that opposition MPs can make more noises and suggestions that PAP in majority may not listen. There is also a risk that PAP back in power will find ways to suppress all oppositions so that there will not be any chance of voting like in this GE2011.

    2. Partial change – To have more than 1/3 and less than 2/3 opposition seats will be likely to change some already done as above but will not change the Constitution that allows GRC, NMP, NCMP, and election boundary redrawing. PAP will still be in power or sharing power with oppositions. This may be harder for PAP in power to diminish the oppositions.

    3. Complete change – To have more than 2/3 opposition seats means the alternative party will be the government and PAP the opposition. This can change everything including the Constitution. However, Singaporeans must make sure the elected government rewrites the Constitution to abolish those ill clauses and introduce check and balance clause. Also, to ensure Constitution is not allowed to change without referendum. Otherwise, the next non-PAP government may have the chance to abuse the Constitution as well.

    Basically, this GE2011 is not about local town upgrading, FTs, or cost of living, etc. It is about whether Singaporeans would like to take back the political power and have a say on the future of Singapore. Once the people take back the power, they can then have a say on how to run this country and all those policies and problems will be resolved to their preference.

    Singaporeans must vote wisely on 7 May to decide what they want in the future.

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