Bit too late PAP

In Uncategorized on 04/05/2011 at 6:51 am

Yesterday, PM finally admitted the PAP had goofed: listing Mas Selamat’s escape, Orchard Road floodings, housing shortages, transport congestion. He was continuing a trend started a couple of days earlier when various ministers admitted that the PAP had goofed.

Kinda late isn’t it.? When those balls-up happened, the government did not accept responsibility. It was “market forces” (property prices); that public had too high expectations (“public transport”); nature (floods); and nothing wrong with systems (escape and failure to catch “terrorist”).

These excuses made me very angry. No-one was accepting responsibility.

And now juz because there is an election, you are saying sorry?

You have given me the best reason to vote for anyone else other than a PAP candidate.  The PAP’overweening pride and arrogrance must be checked before the PAP makes a terrible blunder that puts at risk S’pore’s material prosperity.

  1. Next thing they will regret is their out-of-this-world pay. There is no other word for it but GREED.

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