PAP: Hawker analogy

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I came across this post by Short Singapore on Yahoo’s news site.

I absolutely agree with the first two and last two paras. I disagree that it was the PM that initiated the upmarket policy, it was Goh Chok Tong. Laugh

Ok, in the old days when LKY was prime minister, Singapore was like a old style hawker center. LKY was a good and cheap PM. Value for money. So when he was rude and shouts at SIngapore, and on occasions causes food poisoning to his hated customers (opposition), we take it because like hawkers that serve good food, we will queue up and take all manner of abuse from the hawker to get great food at dirt cheap prices…

So LKY and his team slowly upgraded the hawker into food court. Food more expensive but now got aircon. Hawkers still rude but we all still can handle the bad service for decent affordable and cleaner food.

Then his son took over and decided change the food court into huge high class resturant. No more food court choices. The food became very expensive and the utensils and cutlery were designer stuff. THe food was no longer what the usual customers liked but they had no choice. Before you can even order, the peanuts and towels were charged. Then you order the food say roast fillet mignon but the food that came was over cooked char siew. You asked to return the charsiew but was told by the waiter in a beautiful uniform who insisted that the char siew was fillet mignon. But when angmos and foreigners come in, they get the real fillet mignon even when they order only salad. Their bill is always salad pricing.

So you had to eat badly cook charsiew and was slapped a very expensive bill. You decided to complain and ask to see the manager. The manager is not around.

Then one day, you found that a small hawker stall opened up next to the resturant. The food seems reasonable but you are not sure…The big resturant tells you not to go eat there because you will get food poisoning…SHould you risk it? Then the big resturant tell you that they will let you have fillet mignon at discounted price again…Do you trust this big resturant after your experience?

If PAP wants us to endure their bad service and bad attitude, they must be like hawkers, cheap and good. If they want to operate like French resturant and charge us $$$$, then their service has to be perfect. No charsiew disguised as fillet mignon. Thank you.

This applies not only to politics and food but to business in general. If you want charge high prices, it better be a great product (iPAd, iPHONES) or service (SIA First Class).

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