Voters in Bishan, Tampines and East Coast

In Uncategorized on 05/05/2011 at 9:29 am

Based on what SM has said* abt who are the core PAP leaders, and who are responsible for the security,  and public housing and transport  problems that upset S’poreans, one could reasonably conclude that he is saying that the ministers helming the above GRCs are not that important to the PAP.

So if they lose their seats, it would be no great loss to the PAP. Kill two birds with one stone? Vote in the Opposition to get more voices in Parly, and help the PAP renewal campaign.

*”You can take a minister and criticise him for not delivering on perhaps housing and transport. “Like Wong Kan Seng you can say he let Mas Selamat escape. George Yeo … is a core member.”

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