Is BG Yeo an honourable man?

In Political governance on 06/05/2011 at 6:00 pm

So BG Yeo has come out to slime MM and call for change in the PAP, and he asks for a strong mandate from the voters in Aljunied so that he can tranform the PAP.

Kinda funny that he slimes MM and implies that there is sumething wrong with the PAP (otherwise there isn’t any need to transform the PAP), when he is fighting for his political career against an enemy of the PAP? An enemy whose attacks on the PAP and on MM seem to resonate with the voters of Aljunied.

Supposing if he had expected an easy, comfortable win, would he have implied that MM should not have used such strong language about the perils of voting WP in Aljunied; implied that there are many things wrong with the PAP; and would he have called openly for change in the PAP?

Or would he have kept quiet, and remain loyalto the PAP? Sumething he has done for many years?

The voters of Aljunied should ponder why he has come out to speak against MM and the PAP. Is it out of conviction, or because he wants to remain a minister by harvesting their anger against MM and the PAP.

The PAP should wonder about whether he is worth having as a senior cadre and minister? Where is his loyalty to the PAP which has been gd to him for many yrs? Juz a bit of trouble and he cuts and runs?

In war deserters are executed.

  1. Most likely it is just a ploy to gain votes as GY did seek permission for the statement. He can’t be serious if he thinks he can challenge MM. Someone decided that he was dispensable by fielding him in Aljunied. Even his mentor was given TPL to water down his vote and popularity. Perhaps the hardcore pappies are gaining upper hand within the party.

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  3. I think there’s a split in the PAP. LHL and LKY see no need to retain Yeo — otherwise they would have moved him to a safer GRC. LTK’s move to Aljunied was not a huge surprise, after all. Meanwhile, GCT wants to retain Yeo (to the extent of being willing to slime Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan and Raymond Lim — I think we can infer from this incident that these three are on LHL’s side).

    So I would say that even before his speech, certain important members of the PAP were already keen to see him leave. At some point he realised that he would lose anyway if he did nothing to differentiate himself from those segments of the PAP, so he made that speech.

    This incident makes me a bit more hopeful about the result in Aljunied–if George Yeo is that worried, maybe we will see a WP win after all.

  4. Can or will a leopard change its spots?
    In due course, we would know whether George
    Yeo should be put in the same catalogue as his
    ‘brother in politics’ Vivian Bala.

  5. ‘Transform’ is not necessarily from ‘bad’ to ‘good’, but can also from ‘good’ to ‘better’.

  6. Is GY an honourable man?

    He is the one who proposed the Casinos and cleverly disguised them under the term “Integrated Resorts” Therefore, as a Christian (Catholid) he has discarded his Christian Ethics and moral standing by introducing something to encourage many people to indulge in sins and moral decay. He is therefore responsible for the destruction of the moral fibre of the Singapore society.

    If the people of Singapore do not punish him, God definitely will.

    So, is GY an honourable man?

    In the business of foreign relations and diplomatic engagements, one has to tell quite, black and grey lies countless times. A diplomat is simply an overt spy and the Foreign Minister is the overt spy chief. If diplomats have to tell lies in the course of their duties, what about their Chief?

    So, is GY an honourable man?

  7. I have always thought that Boy George smiles too often and talks too smoothly. He thinks too much too.

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