PAP: With candidates like these, who needs enemies?

In Uncategorized on 07/05/2011 at 7:10 am

The Opposition used to be the one with the clowns, incompetents and reputations less than white. This time round it was the PAP.

There was Steve Tan who withdrew suddenly causing some PR problems for the PAP. Let’s see if this PAP, NTUC poster boy retains his job in NTUC. Reliable sources say he will join the ranks of unemployed S’porean PMETs soon.

Then there are the continuing goof ups of Kate Spade Tin. Even SM has admitted that she has an image pproblem that needs correcting. The latest balls-up is an “honest mistake” in breaking election laws.  Can’t the PAP find anyone better to represent the 20-something S’poream, other than this gal who wears a very well tailored PAP outfits.  The other PAP women use off the peg stuff, but not Kate Spade Tin.

Then we have M’sian imports Foo and Puthu. From her answers to simple questions and her thick make-up, she seems to be a toy doll. As to Puthu, he equates saving lives with doing NS. S’porean doctors save lives and do NS.

What these four show is that the PAP has a strange definition of talent. Incompetence and silly behaviour is OK.

Then there is BG Yeo who now implies that the PAP has problems and asks for a strong mandate from his voters to “transform” the PAP. Why now George? Trying to take advantage of the PAP’s unpopularity for personal advantage? Would he have implied nasty things abt MM and the PAP, if he tot he would easily win?

Finally we have SM who in praising BG Yeo ends up implying that the DPM, tpt minister and housing minister are incompetent and not A team material. He later praised them.

Is the PAP dysfunctional?


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