Be afraid, very afraid PAP

In Political governance on 08/05/2011 at 7:23 am

Based on the results of Joo Chiat SMC (where I live) and the neighbouring East Coast GRC, the PAP should be very frightened.

The new JC SMC has no Joo Chiat in it. It is almost a landed property, condo area. You would have tot it was a natural PAP area, what with private property prices very firm, recession or no recession.  Without me doing anything, my property has appreciated over 50% in the past decade, increasing my options, should I run out cash. And there has been an estate upgrading in many areas.

Thanks be to PAP you would have tot. Bring on the burnt offering.

No, the WP hardly campaigned but still got 49% of the vote.

Further East, in the more diversified East Coast GRC, the WP improved its score to 45% (a 10 percentage point increase from 2006). Unlike Joo Chiat, this area is dominated by public housing, and there is a significant proportion of less well-off S’poreans living here.

So the PAP should be afraid, very afraid, The rich are refusing to support the PAP, a party that has among many poorer S’poreans the reputation of “Robbing the poor to give to the rich”.  Meanwhile the HDB dwellers (once core PAP supporters) are increasingly voting for the WP.

  1. I am a voter in Bedok South, East Coast GRC. I think LKY in his fear of losing power, set his own party down on the path of failure by introducing the GRC system.

    As I see it, while the PAP higher echelons remained hard at work trying to plot a path through economic transition [which, BTW, I disagree with. We should be moving up the ladder, not trying to drive to the bottom], their lower echelons and co-opted grass roots, vis a vis the Residential Committees and People’s Association failed miserably to convey an accurate message to the top largely due to large electoral victories and assuming everything was okay as long as power was secured in Parliament.

    The next seminal event will either be the 2016 elections or the Old Man ascending to heaven. Quite frankly, I rather pity LKY, since he too, as all dictators are, has been betrayed by the people around him, who probably only know how to say nice things to him now for fear of triggering his legendary temper and getting a tongue lashing.

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  3. wasn’t the rich cited by netizens as a reason why SDP cant get Holland-BT? There might be another factor coming into play here in Joo Chiat.

  4. In GE2006, PAP did not do well in AMK GRC and this GE2011 it seems it suddenly do better. Why? Because the Lee Bee Hua ward which has many private housing has been transferred to Nee Soon GRC and some other pro-PAP areas from other GRC joined the AMK GRC to counter the anti-PAP votes. Does it mean the private housing voters are not pro-PAP even though they are the ones to benefit from high property prices?

    Whichever the reasons or directions, one wrong thing is gerrymandering to change the election boundaries to advantage PAP itself. This violated the spirit of democracy. Singaporeans seem do not bother such wrong doing for the past 50 years till today. Amusing.

  5. agreed
    PAP has always been “Robbing the poor to give to the rich”

    you see by the time you are rich enough to leave the cycle of HDB
    you become immune to all the carrot nonsense
    thus you are actually able to vote by your heart

    which seems to be the sentiments that happened at Joo Chiat polls

    it is still the HDB dwellers that are resisting voting for the WP – but the younger ones are increasingly aware, and are wisening up with greater information reach.

  6. The PAP to be afraid?…really… they will in their true form gerrymander again, to move opposition voters to GRC more friendly to the PAP in GE 2016 to try to retain their parliamentary seats.

    The overall % of support will have to drop to below 60%, better still to the low 50% and how they gerry mander will no longer help.. with the GRCs of the two shorties (who still think that they have the mandate of the people according to their victory speech when they are one of the worst performers in the election) and the LIm Sia Suay…

    Unless LHL really make a change to their arrogant attitude to be “dedicated” and humble to serve the people, GE 2016 will be more interesting.

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