Will the PAP listen?

In Political governance on 08/05/2011 at 6:23 am

In 1984 GE, the PAP suffered a large fall in the popular vote (to 65% from 77% in 1980), nebwie Lee Hsien Loong told the PAP in a report that it had to listen to the people. The feedback unit (now REACH) was setup. You and I know how effective this unit has been. Recent example: From 2006 till last week, the PAP ignored  S’poreans on the related issues of immigration, public tpt congestion and a shortage of HDB flats.

The PAP focused on fixing the system to their advantage, The PAP introduced GRCs and when that failed to improve performance, the PAP supersized the GRCs and linked voting to the upgrading of HDB estates. That improved their performance so much so that in 2001 the PAP won 75% of the popular vote.

Then things started to go wrong and today the PM is talking of listening to the people.

Let’s hope the PAP is prepared to listen and act on public grievances, but let;s remain vigilant to there signs that the system is being fixed to the PAP’s advantage. Shout out loud if you think that system is being fixed.

Remember that DPM and minister Mah have claimed strong mandates despite the fact that they polled only 57% in their GRCs. Nationally the PAP polled 60%.

  1. It’s been a very interesting GE ! played out like a Taiwan Soap Opera, better than expected

    Opposition have a breakthrough in this GE by winning its first GRC.

    We strengthen the OPP by winning a GRC!

    A lot of things will be said of this GE, so I would like to Flip the question

    Who was weaken by losing its first GRC?

    PAP? Yes, but who? Aljunied is lost, so there goes 3 Ministers. GY is like a son to Goh….

    Kate Spade dumped at Goh’s GRC?
    Out of nowhere a SPH Darling Nicole sprang out, so pure so girl next door, you had to vote for her?
    Cat Fight and Sabotage on Cooling off Day?

    Goh was hanging by his teeth at 56.65%, Imagine, if he lost by 1%?
    No by-election this GE, a promise by our PM ! How nice 

    Then we have the infamous remark in hard truths?
    MM talking about our MMs (Malay Muslims)?

    or the notorious you will REPENT sermon?

    If poor George has friends like this? Who needs enemies!

    We Aljunied voters have the Village Kampong Sprit! See what we will do!WP won big and almost all NCMP Seats

    Better to work with the enemy you know like(PAP2.0 WP?), then a wild card like SDP or RP?

    When Goh realize what was going on …. it was too late to save GY (why GY and not the other losers?)

    We even have mindless idiots tweeting, GY is lost and we have Kate Spade in ….. so unfair??

    WAKE UP!! Throw out a SM and a Future PM in BG Tan Chuan Jin?? To deny TPL??

    I do hope Goh will come out stronger and wiser, there are no fix enemies in politics.

    So SDP and RP better get ready for GE 2016!
    You never know what’s Goh_ing to happen, a helping hand just might be extended to you

    So you have it, we lost a FM and nearly lost a SM and Future PM but gain a GRC.

    MIW lost a GRC but won a SMC in Potong Pasir and strengthen its grip internally.

    when the moderates in the MIWs are cleared out,
    it does not matter if you vote left or right,
    It will still be the same AHoles

    So who won and who lost? What say you?

    Regards from
    Political Beng

    Have you taken the Red or Blue Pill?
    The choice is yours, Welcome to the Matrix

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  3. The first sign (if any) that PM is prepared to listen and to change is if he removes the costly noise in his PMO. If he surrounds himself with people who are out-of-touch, he will continue to be out-of-touch. I’m eagerly awaiting his new cabinet.

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