Give PM a 100 days

In Political economy on 20/05/2011 at 5:35 am

PM after the election said he had listened to the voters. I for one was sceptical, thinking it was 1984 all over again, when newbie LHL said the PAP had to listen. The PAP fixed the system instead.

But he has turned from Clark Kent look-a-like into a tiger that has got ministerial duds to want to get out. The dysfunctional duo, MM and SM, have left (after publicly stating they wanted out). The three stooges (Wong, Nah and Lim) are no longer ministers, after telling him privately before the GE that they wanted to quit. If you believe this …

Since six ministers have “retired” (the sixth is Cry Baby Lim), let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s give him 100 days to prove to us he is walking the walk of listening to us and amending policies to meet our concerns.

Wondering abt the origin of the term “100 days”?

It originally refered to Napoleon’s return from exile on Elba to Paris on 20 March 1815 and the second restoration of King Louis XVIII on 8 July 1815 (a period of 111 days). During this period, he became emperor again, fought and lost the battle of Waterloo, and abdicated again.

BTW empty vessels seem to be making the most noise. The SDP and RP seem to be releasing media releases left, right and centre. Both parties did not do well. The RP even had to borrow candidates from SPP to field teams.

  1. Great article moving forward… we should allow the PM time to settle the dust after the GE2011.

    With such a major revamp and the CSJ is still crying “foul” and trying to teach the PM how to run the country.. CSJ is writing as fast as he can to try to claim credit when the government really make the changes… and then say.. oh, I told them to do this…..blah..blah…blah.. as if the government are not aware of what needs to be done.. perhaps only in what and how they should implement the changes they already have in mind…

    Now that CSJ has the new media, he is going into overdrive.. thinks he can be the one to lead..

    Poster who pose questions or differing views on the SDP site are categorized by the ones who seem to agree with every single word, that they are anti-SDP… hahaa.. how different are they from behaving like the PAP is classifying posters.

    “BTW empty vessels seem to be making the most noise.” – aptly describing what’s in my mind.. everything that is proposed by LHL seems to be inherently wrong, and only CSJ seems to know what iks good and right for Singaporeans?

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