After this, radical moves are easy

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On 3 May 2011, PM publicly told off his father twice. These actions must have been very painful for someone brought up in the Confucian way, a key tenet of which is deference to the elderly.

At the public rally at UOB Plaza, PM said

You know MM’s style. He tells it like it is. When he tells you something, you know exactly what he’s thinking and what he’s talking about, straight from the shoulder. No ifs, no buts, solid hard talk.

I think you have got used to our style, we understand the hard truths, we understand what we need to do but we don’t try to do it MM’s style. We do it our way.

We spend some time to talk, to explain, to persuade, to understand the difficulties and hesitations, to overcome some of these working problems so that we can go in the right strategic direction.

And it’s a difference in generation, between MM’s team and my team, between your parents and you.

We discuss this often in Cabinet and MM says: “Why don’t you do things in a certain way? Proceed, it is important for Singapore.” We say: “Yes, we understand but please let us do it our way because we are different from you” …

MM understands that but MM is MM and, whether it is ordinary time, whether it’s election time, you can be sure it’s the same MM but this is the PAP Government. Me and my team, we are taking it forward, same strategic direction but doing it our own way.

And later the same day, when campaigning in Aljunied, “Well, I’m running the election, MM is expressing his views. My view is this is an important fight, that’s why I put a strong team here, that’s why I came to support Ong Ye Kung.” MM had commented that if  the PAP were to lose Aljunied GRC, it would not be a major setback.

Wondering what are the radical moves?

— Saying “Sorry”

— Major cabinet changes

— Ministerial pay review.

Apologies – I posted this without realising I had posted it. So completed it only at 1.41pm on 22 May 2011.

  1. There are so many things wrong with the system that it will occupy the next five years of their time to undo decades of bad policies.

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