With MPs like these, PAP does not need enemies

In Political governance, Wit on 26/05/2011 at 9:43 am

“If the annual salary of the Minister of Information, Communication and Arts is only $500,000, it may pose some problems when he discuss policies with media CEOs who earn millions of dollars because they need not listen to the minister’s ideas and proposals, hence a reasonable payout will help to maintain a bit of dignity.”

– Dr Lim Wee Kiat, PAP MP for Nee Soon GRC, 24 May 2011 in Lianhe Wanbao.

As he is one of the handpicked elect elite of the PAP, these remarks have to be taken as official PAP policy. “We only talk to people who earn more than us because they are the only people worthy of our respect.”

So where does the “listening” of the PM come into this framework of “Money talks”? Are PM’s cabinet changes and ministerial salary review nothing but Wayang.

Can the PAP pls clarify wheher Dr Lim’s views are only his personal views.

If it turns out that this gd Dr is only giving his personal views, then he joins “Peanuts” Goh, Kate Spade Tin, “NS=Saving babies”Puthu and “M’sia gd for food only” Foo as people who the PAP should fear more than the PAP clones in blue and Dr Chee’s redshirts.

  1. With the Internet, there is no such thing as a short term memory anymore in politics. Not that there ever was, since obviously, high ministerial wages are not needed by the government to attract people into public service, but needed by the PAP to attract talent into their ranks.

    Bad karmic debt accrued by the father, to be borne by the son and his political party.

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