Immigration: This balls-up happened here?

In Economy on 27/05/2011 at 10:05 am

Randall Hansen of the University of Toronto explained that the shift in UK immigration policy from a stricy regime to a very liberal regime by the then Labour government was a matter of economic policy, with Labour believing that highly skilled immigrants would expand human capital, and that low-skilled immigrants would prevent labour shortages … The problem, Mr Hansen continued, was that the government had drastically overestimated the benefits, and underestimated the rush of migration that would follow. Labour had forecasted a fiscal benefit of £6 billion a year—overly optimistic, nearly commensurate with the estimated fiscal benefit of immigration to the United States, which is a much bigger economy. And Labour had predicted that perhaps 20,000 … nationals would arrive; the number was closer to 700,000, as had been predicted by the right-wing sceptics at Migration Watch. When the benefits failed to materialise, the politics turned sour, particularly as the adverse economic impacts of immigration were concentrated among people least prepared to absorb them—as is often the case.

(The above is an extract from a longish post on an Economist blog.)

This being S’pore we will never know if the government got its estimates of benefits and numbers coming in wrong, and getting the voters very angry,with George Yeo, Ms Lim, LKY, GCT, Cry Baby Lim, and the three stooges (Wong, Mah and Lim) having to pay the price.

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