Freeing Flipper: Try govmin

In Casinos on 29/05/2011 at 7:44 am

I agree that dolphins should not be held captive and made to perform for another species.

But the appeals to RWS are misplaced. I’m sure RWS would like nothing better than to be rid of the Flipper controversy. Not gd for business. It’s in the entertainment business and bad publicity is terrible for business.

The problem is that it won the bid to build the casino and ancillary attractions because it was the only bidder that was prepared to catch Flipper and make him dance. The other bidders, perhaps having more moral scruples, did not include dolphins. Or maybe only M’sian Chinese have no scruples when it comes to dolphins?

RWS won because of the promise to catch Flipper and make him perform. The government is holding RWS to its promise on Flipper. It cannot do otherwise. If it released RWS from its obligation to have Flipper perform, it risks being sued by the losing bidders, and tarnishing S’pore’s reputation as a place where the rule of law prevails.

The only way out is for the government to impose a very large fine (a few hundred million dollars?) as punishment for RWS not meeting its obligations on Flipper. The fine has to be huge to avoid the losing bidders suing the government. RWS has to feel the financial pain of including Flipper (against his will) in its bid.

In that case there would be more reason to sell RWS shares.

  1. We shall see who blinks first, RWS or the Singapore government? In the US, it is usually the government that blinks first to be politically correct.

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  3. RWS has indeed stressed that having dolphins was “part of the bid”. However, in May 2009, RWS scrapped its plan to exhibit whale sharks which was also part of the bid, stating “it believes it may not be able to care for the animals.”

    RWS can similarly scrap their plans to exhibit dolphins. RWS have failed to live up to their promise of providing the wild-caught dolphins “with top-class care, and to treat them with respect.” The deaths of the two wild-caught dolphins in their care, and the appalling conditions they housed these dolphins in, are clear indications that they could not care for these animals.

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