RWS: Appeal to their superstitious nature

In Casinos on 31/05/2011 at 8:16 am

Many moons ago, I flippantly posted this when RWS was facing a spot of bad luck when it opened. Well it soon ran into a spell of gd luck that even the deaths of two dolphins and the relocation of the rest of the dolphins to a secret location in the Philippines did not break.

But then RWS ran into problems with the government and had to pay fines. Then gaming revenues declined. The government has yet to release its guidelines on the licensing of junket operators. This means that Genting will not be able to tap the full potential of the high roller market, as its business model for this market depends on junket operators. Then a few days after the official opening of the theme park, the aircons went out.

Maybe the dead dolphins have cursed RWS. Rather than appeal to the scruples of RWS’ Malaysian Chinese controlling owners and managers, dolphin huggers, swimmers and lovers should appeal to the superstitious side of these Malaysian Chinese. I’m sure there are credible shamans, Feng Shui persons and witch doctors prepared to say, “Free the dolphins and gd Karma will follow”.

Meanwhile give the shares a miss.

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