Consequences of Khaw’s HDB policies

In Property on 01/06/2011 at 7:08 am

I hope S’poreans realise that the HDB building spree means that in all probability their properties will lose value in the coming few yrs as HDB flats are available for occupancy. Remember also that there is a lot of private housing coming on-stream.  How much values fall depends on the complex interplay of housing demand and supply and the growth of the economy. Immigration policies play a part in this interplay.

Those who will be worst affected by a fall in values will be those who bot HDB flats, and lower end private condos in the last few yrs (say from 2006).

These property owners should demand that more FTs be let in to keep property prices buoyant. They should also demand that the PAP focus on GDP growth.

They will also be fans of Mah Bow Tan who even in a recession kept property prices going up. Every dog has its day and Mah will be popular soon. Khaw will be reviled.

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  2. Unfortunately, most people are reactionary instead of rational actors. I know a few who voted PAP due to the ‘asset-appreciation’ nonsense. Oh well.

  3. To each his own, isnt that what our dear leaders have inculcated in us. 20 years of schooling?

  4. The plan is for 50-75,000 pa
    This is the only way they know?

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