So free leh?

In Political governance, Wit on 13/06/2011 at 6:45 am

Within a few weeks after retiring from the cabinet, Jayakumar was seen hawking his book, “Diplomacy”. Presumably he wrote it during his time in office.

The president has written one book while in office (proceeds to charity) and has publicised that another will be out in September (he leaves office on 31 August, unless he stands again).

One wonders if their official duties leave them so much free time that they can write books while in office? I tot, based on the experiences of a friend, mega-salaries come with little personal free time time. Or maybe $2-4m a yr is “peanuts”, so very little to do on the job?

  1. They can gettheir staff to help write and collect info, only when they’re still in office.

  2. To paraphrase ex-President George Bush:

    “Read my lips. Don’t rock the boat.”

    That’s the bottom-line message in all these type of books.

  3. In today’s world, multi-million dollar salaries has little correlation with how much you work, how hard you work, how risky your jobscope is, how risky your job security/longevity is. Very often it is the opposite — very high job security, large amounts of time spent socialising (playing hard instead of working hard), platinum parachute in case SHTF, lifetime pension, lifetime 1st-class healthcare (or commuted to lump-sum present value).

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