TKL changes mind yet again?

In Political governance on 19/06/2011 at 9:37 am

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In the second paragraph, Tan Kin Lian writes,”If and when it [COE] is approved, I will decide if I wish to take part in the contest”.

Contrast this with sumething he issued on 8 June,  “I have decided to contest the Presidential Election”. This was issued a few days after he had said he was thinking of stand. A friend had collected the COE forms because Mr Tan was “not free” and TKL was responding to media queries.

(And reminder: In 2008, he had expressed interest in running for the election if 100,000 Singaporeans signed an online petition of support. He got sumething like 1,200 signers. In 2009, he said he was not planning a contest any longer. He said (rightly) that he did not have the support of S’poreans. He blamed the fearfulness of S’poreans.)

How about treating yr fellow S’poreans and the office of president with some respect, TKL? Want to stand, stand. Like what Dr Tan Chin Bock is doing.

Don’t one day say, ” Think of standing”, then few days later say, “Will stand”, and then 10 days say, “Thinking abt standing”. Reminds me of you calling out supporters to attend Income AGM in 2008 and 2009, You wanted to oppose or propose certain things. Supporters turned out, but you did no opposing or proposing.

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FTR, I helped out on minibonds etc.

Aftertot 21 June 2011

TKL might get himself into a deep hole by playing coy on whether he wanrs to stand. If he refuses to declare that he is a candidate if he is given a COE, the three wise men vetting his eligibility should be within their rights to refuse to consider his eligibilty. They could reasonably point out that they should not be wasting their time on vetting the candidacy of someone who hasn’t made up his mind. They, like TKL, are “not free”.

  1. You probably missed this one “…and I am BUSY!…that’s why I haven’t submit my COE for application” – dated 18 Jun.

    I’ve been refraining from backing any candidate “hopefuls” so far hoping to wait till the COE-approved day. This TKL should just stop “whining” and making all noises about standing or not. Just do your job of submission and let the committee decide the outcome. Then the people will make the vote. If not, I truly want there are other deserving candidates out there to stand for a contest. Singaporeans need it now.

  2. If a candidate is very concerned about the ‘face-factor’, it just shows that he is insincere in truly serving the people despite all the claims that this is the very noble reason to do so.

    Back then when he started his farce of getting 100,000 signatures, TKL carried the idea that he was very well received by the people. He thought the ‘climate’ was right for him to surface himself to the contest. And indeed, in order for him to stand as a prez candidate, he gave the GE2011 a miss by not standing as a candidate to be an MP. His intention to ‘serve’ has been dubious all along. No he is not that great as he thought himself to be.

    With his latest retrograding remark, his has finally realised that it is not a sure win for him. Indeed it is not. Courage? No, he has none. He is atypical like most of us Singaporean, kiasu. He wants to make sure he will not lose face in this situation. We all know, at least people who know him know, that he is always hungry for attention, hungry for glory, hungry for praises, craving for the garland around his neck….

    But he forgot that serving people is not what he thought it to be. My point is if he is truly committed to this cause, he should stand in the last election, which sadly he gave it a miss. He would make a more effective leader of the people by using his expertise to pursue the cause and eventually make a difference in the people’s life, a real difference.

    But alas, he did not. And he wanted to be the No. 1 figure in Singapore, and yet dilly dally about it. His indecision is mainly the result of his assessment to the ever changing landscape of the ground situation.

    Even if he finally decided to stand, my vote will not be for him. I think TCB deserve the vote more than him, at least TCB is clear about what he wanted to do. That said, I have decided to spoil my vote primarily for the one and only reason :

    the prez election is after all but a wayang!

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