Weak property mkt?

In Political governance on 22/06/2011 at 9:56 am

Wow prices are off 12% in less than a week. Sim Lian less than a week ago priced its 5-room HDB flats at $880,000. Now they are going for $778,000, a 12% discount.

Thanks Super Khaw! When he became minister of MND, I tot he would offshore HDB flats to Batam, Bintang and Johor. S’poreans would commute in. I was planning to buy Penguin (ferries to Indon islands, and SMRT and DelGro). Glad I didn’t 

BTW, trumpets pls. I predicted Sim Lian would be forced to cut its prices.

  1. “Thanks Super Khaw! ” ????? !!!!!

    You should be thanking the 40% voters who voted wisely.
    With a special mention to the Aljunied voters.

    These Singaporeans made this possible.

    We now need a name change;
    Ministry of National Development to become Ministry of Affordable Housing

  2. Maybe there should be two statutory boards.

    1) Affordable and Subsidised Housing Unit
    2) Private and High GDP generating Housing Unit

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