Tan Cheng Bock & the ISA

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Dr Tan Cheng Bock has been getting a lot of criticism from netizens on his support of the government’s use of the Internal Security Act in 1987 against the so-called “Marxist conspirators”. Example

Let’s remember that Dr Tan grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Many people then agreed (and they still do) with the colonial, and then the PAP government view that detention without trial under the ISA was necessary to fight the communists and other enemies of the state. And let’s member that the 50s and 60s were turbulent times.

One should bear that in mind when judging Dr Tan’s actions in 1987.

And anyway, When asked whether he still feels the ‘Marxist conspirators’ are guilty, Dr Tan says with a tone of sincerity, “I really feel they are innocent. They are all social workers and they meant well but unfortunately…(trails off)”

He adds, “I saw the ex-detainees and I really do feel for them. But at that time I believed the information that was given to me.”

Can’t ask for more, methinks.

Update on 25 June 2011 — corrected misspelling of Dr Tan’s name. Careless of me.

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  2. I agree. Anyway its Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Having toured the ISD Heritage Centre before, I believe strong handed methods has to be implemented by the then govt to prevent Singapore/Malayan Peninsula to fall under Communist Rule.

    Judge the man by his current intentions and the evidence and not by his history.
    I understand Dr Tan Cheng Bock is running EP to be in a position to unify Sporeans as one country, one citizen because he felt that Sporeans have been divided recently by GE2011. And this is indeed a noble cause and do-able objective. Compared to the other Tan who is vociferous and wants to fight for so many things. Not too sure if its possible or even do-able. You can spend 5 years speaking out and fighting for something which is not within the lines of the constitution.

    I prefer practicality. I prefer someone who truly loves Singapore. Not someone who pays lip service to “I love Singapore” this phrase.

  3. Dr Tan also cautioned Singaporeans against being “deceived” by the “harmless” demeanour of the detainees. He said: “Look at Chin Peng, who has a mild, smiling, meek and kind-looking face. But he is the boss of the Communist Party of Malaya.“


    More than Chin Peng, Tan Cheng Bock has “a mild, smiling, meek and kind-looking face”.

    I wonder what it hides?

  4. so1trg,

    Are you even a kid then when it happened?
    How old were you when Tan Liang Hong and his
    wife were persecuted by the PAP, using th ISD?
    Have you heard about Tan Wah Piow too?
    It’s easy to lead people by the nose when they were not
    born or old enough to understand when it happened.
    IMO, Tan Cheng Bock and Tony Tan are working hand in glove with the govt to keep the EP within the PAP family.

    There are simply too many dirty linens in the GIC and Temasek for public washing if a forthright EP insist on knowing.

  5. I think why many people fail to notice is that Tony Tan was a cabinet minister at that time as well who probably had access to all the facts and yet he has remained silence on this issue.

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