More than words,TKL supporters

In Political governance on 26/06/2011 at 6:44 am
Dr Tan Cheng Bock has said that he is relying on his own resources and that of backers to fund his presidential campaign. He has yet to decide on asking for donations. Dr Tony Tan has not said anything yet, but money should not be an issue for him.
TKL is funding his campaign from his own pocket and has asked for contributions from supporters. But on 22 June 2011, he wrote on his blog, “The contribution to the election campaign has been slow. I hope that more people will come forward and give their financial support.”
As regular readers of this blog will know, I’d rather not have TKL for president. I’ll blog on my reasons sume other time. 
I want to make the point here that his supporters should do the right thing. Don’t just send anonymous emails saying they support him. Talk, like bullshit, is cheap. Send in contributions to help him fund his bid. He has estimated that campaigning will cost him $100,000–200,000. Dr Tan Cheng Bock estimates that he will need $500,000.
TKL kanna played out once before by his fickle fans. In 2008, because he was helping the minibonders etc, he got lots of emails asking him to stand for president. He said he would stand if he got 100,000 signatures asking him to stand. He got only 1,200 signatures, I think.
Despite this experience of being “p;ayed out”, when recently people asked him to stand, he said he will stand. He is not shy of being bitten again. He has courage.
Don’t play him out again, fans of TKL.
People who ask TKL to be president, Walk the Walk, don’t juz Talk the Talk. Contribute to his campaign.
  1. You are being contradictory. On the one hand, you don’t want TKL to run. On the other hand, you ask TKL supporters to contribute to his campaign.

    I have my reason to see one of TKL or TCB to quit the race. When there are 2 contenders, I believe the PAP’s chosen man will lose. I still could not figure out why he wanted to run risking his reputation (or face) and becoming the next GY. There is no reason for him to run just to be a paper tiger.

  2. TKL is an opportunist.

    When he’s with the establishment, he’s pally with PAP.

    When he’s the establishment himself, he throws his weight and rules with a heavy hand causing widespread unhappiness.

    When he’s outside the establishment, he finds the easiest and most rousing route to fame – minibond, opposition sympathisers, whatever.

    He likes the limelight and sways to the latest PR fads.

    • He’s opportunist and that’s exactly the reason why we need him to b president. With TKL u can b sure he’ll make an impact. TBC is too mellow & ball-less to risk being kicked out by the cabinet. TT is still 100% pappy. TKL is the only one that’ll make a difference.

  3. “He told ST yesterday that “he was open to discussions with Dr Tan Cheng Bock about the possibility of one stepping aside, should both get the committee’s nod.”

    But not surprisingly, he says that between himself and TCB, “he prefers to run”.

    In other words, he would rather that TCB quit the race even if he obtains a COE. This obviously contradicts TKL’s own earlier statement that Singaporeans should be offered a “wider choice” of candidate for the Presidential Elections.”

    I wrote about the flip-flopping ways of TKL here:

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