Some nasty but funny comments on Tony Tan’s independence

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Who would you believe? A mama-san at Kabuki KTV claiming to be a virgin or Tony Tan claiming to be independent? — karmabear
What’s the use of another PAP man as president?  It is like putting Dr Mahathir as referee for a match between Singapore and Malaysia. —  ?

Dr. Tony Tan’s election as President sounded like a CFO / CEO of a company is seeking re-appointment as its External Auditor after having resigned from the company. — MayRulersBeRighteous

PRATA going — Chou Doufu coming — xCode

If Tony Tan s independent, then pigs would fly and the sun would set in the east!! — Chanel

chouDoufu tcock liao — Transformers

For the record, I’m on the lookout for nasty and funny comments on the other two Tans. Very little luck.

  1. I expect the vitrol online to become worse as Nomination Day approaches. For a selection of Singaporeans, “Anything But PAP” has become a religious mantra.

    Frankly, I would not vote for Dr. Tony Tan to become Elected President, as it is a potential conflict of interest and impropriety waiting to happen. Perhaps the inner echelon are betting that the public will forget about GIC since the only news which make it to the mainstream media has been Temasek’s losses.

  2. Believe is because TT is a guaranteed shoo-in. So until the actual COE is confirmed for the other two/three candidates (who knows!) there’s no reason to expend too much energy yet. Besides, one simply have to look at the behemoth big backing of all the MSM (from all language papers to broadcast) are at TT disposal, it’s only natural that the alternative media has to advocate some balancing to give the real pictures, isn’t it? 😉

  3. Notice how in today’s ST forum , there is NOT a single letter on TT’s presidency!??
    Incredulous..editor probably decide to hide all the negative ones. Only hear the*gxxx* stuff

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