Property: 9 July 2011 is a day to watch

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In 2009, S’poreans expected property prices to weaken. There was a recession. They were wrong, prices went up. Lots of reasons were given in hindsight for example  low interest rates, high liquidity, enblocers needed homes. All true but another factor was the flood of FTs coming in from M’sia. Why did they come? In 2008 GE, the ruling BN lost its two-thirds majority in the federal parliament and lost control of five states.

Many Chinese and Indian professionals were fearful of racial riots breaking out. They came here.

On July 9 2011, Perkasa (a Malay supremacist organisation) is threatening to counter demonstrate if Bersih 2.o goes ahead a with demonstration.

The July 9 “Walk for Democracy” Kuala Lumpur protest will be attended by several civil societies, including a few opposition parties. Bersih and its coalition partners have six demands in mind, including an end to the misuse of government machinery and funds during elections. With an expected attendance of more than 100,000, the march is expected to the biggest of its kind since the group’s 2007 demonstrations.

If blood flows on KL streets, Malsysians will be rushing here.  And they need places to live in.

  1. don’t simply speculate!!!

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