The presidential election & the Opposition

In Political governance on 04/07/2011 at 7:31 am

The opposition parties have been pretty quiet about the coming presidential elections.

Hopefully, they are keeping quiet until they know whether there will be be a contest or not. They must still be recovering from their strenous efforts during the GE, and rightly don’t want to waste energy.

Assuming that at least one of the two poorer Tans will be allowed to stand against the silver-spooned Tan, and TKL doesn’t have a change of mind, this is the message the four leading opposition parties (Danny’s friends, Nicole’s mates, the SPP and the WP) should articulate, if they want to fix the PAP.

“Fellow S’poreans, all the presidential candidates are eminently suited to perform the discretionary duties of the president as defined by the ruling PAP. These duties, the ruling PAP have defined as “custodial”. not “executive”. and according to the PAP do not make the presidency a rival centre of power to the government of the day.

‘Seeing, the very limited role of the office, voters should use this opportunity to send a strong message to the PAP that they are STILL unhappy with the policies of the PAP .

‘Vote for the candidate that you think least represents the views of the PAP. Vote wisely.”

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  2. Even with the backing of the establishment, Ong Teng Cheong only got 58% of the vote. Of course, that was twelve years ago. Time to do a proper reading of the ground again.

  3. Agree, with a 12 years gap, it’s hard to read how the results may swing.
    Until the COE cards are played, people are going to sit on fence for now.

    My only advice to voters are to consider the following cases (1) Iceland (2) Greece (3) Lehman Brothers (4) Enron (5) Bernie Madoff. These are legitimate case studies for people to realize that no matter how successful a country or company is run by its elites or A-team (on the surface), it pays to look under the hood and have an independent President for check and accountability. Now, more than ever!

  4. Tony Tan will not stand a chance,
    unless he is the only candidate


  5. No “opposition” party will take up your suggestion because it’s ludicrous.

  6. This is an election by partisan proxy. It is NOT politically correct for the Opposition party to endorse any candidates just as it is not right for PAP to do so. However, the reality is quite another thing.

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