It was an honest mistake, really

In Wit on 06/07/2011 at 7:17 am

I never tot anything could top the recent misadventures of Rin Tin Rin (or Kate Spade Tin) or MG Chan or Nathan (asking us to pay him to tell us what he did when he was in office). With soldiers like these, the PM does not need enemies.

But the unauthorised Lady Gaga rip-off by the National Day Parade (NDP) organisers is simply awesome.

For starters, it was bad. Judge for yrself. I wonder abt the rest of the show, if the intro is so bad.

Next, the organisers didn’t get authorisation to modify the lyrics. According to them, they didn’t realise they had to. What an indictment of S’poreans’ attitude towards intellectual property that the organisers of the national event of the year and their juniors didn’t know the law on intellectual property.

So unless they get approval, the song can’t be used, which is no bad thing.

Anyway, with clowns like these organising the national day parade, what hope is there that the housing, flooding and other problems that matter to S’poreans can be solved?

  1. Let’s be positive.

    Let’s give useful feedback like, “Wah! So good!”

  2. Hi

    really can’t agree with you more on this. sigh!

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  4. I am sure many people caught onto the fact, but probably ignored it as they treated it as “not my problem”. Many have stated that the feedback cycle is hideously broken in this nation-state. They were not joking.

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