Election donations: Be careful, very careful

In Political governance on 08/07/2011 at 6:37 am

On FaceBook, Tan Kin Lian recently wrote: Some people want to donate to my campaign, but they prefer to be anonymous. The election rules require all donations to be from Singapore citizens and to be recorded. I suggest that they can ask a friend (who is a Singaporean) to make the donation – if they do not wish to be named. (I understand that for some good reasons, they may wish to be anonymous).

I don’t know what he means but I know what three persons told me what they tot it meant. Two tot it meant that it was OK for them to get someone else to make a donation, and for them to reimburse that person. A third person told me that based on what TKL said, it was OK for her to give someone money on condition that that person make a donation in that person’s name.

I had to disabuse them of their beliefs.  A “donor” cannot get a reimbursement or an advance payment from the person asking him to make the donation. If there is a reimbursement or an advance payment, then both parties would get into serious trouble if the authorities find out.

The whole purpose of the legislation regulating political donations is to ensure transparency: no foreign money and a $10,000 limit a S’porean for each calender year. So if Ms B asks Mr A to donate money and reimburses  Mr A, the legislation gets circumvented because the donor is Ms B but the records show that it is Mr A. Mr A is covering up for Ms B. Likewise if Ms B gives Mr A money and tells him to donate in his name.

Don’t play play. Want to donate, do it openly. And don’t allow yr name to be used by another person.

  1. I thought it was highly irresponsible for TKL to suggest that this was acceptable.

    And being a former CEO, etc, one would think he has adequate monetary resources to foot his own campaign bill or if not, gather enough influential supporters to donate to his cause.

  2. I shook my head in dismay when I read what TKL wrote. It further reaffirm my belief that he is very very shallow, not worthy a person to deserve my vote. In fact we can translate his words into : “If you have a foreigner friend willing to donate to me, he or she can make the donation using the name of their Singaporean friend”.

    How can he not know?

  3. Ho Ching did the same thing when buying over Shin Corp…that caused a coup.

  4. And I thought he has legal advisors?
    The more he speaks/write, the more I conclude he may not have an all rounded experience as yet to be a President. Afterall, his exposure been mainly local enterprise such as NTUC which can be fairly insular. Too bad, he’s truly one of the most independent candidate so far. I’m slowly leaning towards TCB.

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  6. I don’t see there is mention of any form of reimbursement by TKL’s message. You seem to be twisting the story.

    It’s true, for some reason, that some people do not wish to be named in any form of donations and I have personally come across such people. May be they are seeking rewards in heaven or they are prominent people who do not wished to be named.

    I believe TKL is smarter than what you guys made him out to be.


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