Another PAP MP says PM talking rubbish

In Political governance on 11/07/2011 at 6:29 am

Newbie PAP MP Vikram Nair was quoted as saying,”Don’t focus too much on the 40 percent that didn’t vote for you. We have to remember and keep in mind the interests of the 60 percent that did.”

Gee, and his boss, the PM told us that he (the PM) listens to us 40-percenters. Not only did he say that,  but at least three ministers are walking the PM’s talk.

Khaw tells us he can’t sleep well because he is trying to solve the housing problems, a legacy of his predecessor. The tpt minister is trying to improve the bus system and the health minister is trying to come up with new policies that voters will like. Even retired LKY is trying to help out: by keeping quiet.

If this newbie MP is correct, then PM, these ministers and LKY should give the finger to us 40-prercenters because we didn’t vote for the  PAP. But fortunately for the PAP, they, unlike this newbie, are not stupid. They know that there is the presidential election a’coming. And us 40-percenters can make a difference.

Anyway along with Ms Kate Spade, Ms Foo, “Saving babies =NS” Doctor, and “I don’t respect those earning less than me” Doctor, he shows that the PAP’s system of selecting MPs is not working as well as the PAP claims it is. They represent between a quarter to a third of the newbie PAP MPS, and I am to believe that the PAP gets the best people to become MPs?

Might as well believe that TKL was never associated with PAP policies or that the other two Tans have overnignt become independent of the PAP.


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