Inconvenient facts abt Kee Chui Chan’s history lesson

In Political governance on 16/07/2011 at 10:06 am

Did you know that the state founded in 1777 by Chinese miners called the Lanfang Republic came about after they defeated the local Malay sultans who brought them in mine for tin and gold? Given that S’poreans who voted for the WP in Aljunied were told to repent by one LKY, I’m sure that the sultans must havethe same way as he did: ungrateful wretches.

Given the suspicions that M’sia and Indonesia have abt S’pore, isn’t this a tad too silly for the ex-head of the S’pore army and now minister to remind them that Malay land had been seized by Chinese  immigrants? If he ever becomes a minister in the MFA, I will know that we have a daft PM.  

Did you know that the Lanfang Republic surrendered in 1884 to the regional super power in that part of the world? It didn’t make sense to fight the Dutch empire, just as it didn’t make sense for the Malay sultans in Malaya to fight the British.

Especially as the Dutch, like the British in Malaya, allowed states that surrendered peacefully, a large degree of autonomy. In all, it made a lot of sense to surrender to the Dutch without a fight.

  1. Don’t worry, Singapore will eventually be surrendered peacefully to China. We will become 24th province, and the old folks can finally stop collecting aluminium cans and cardboard boxes. Every morning, they can start to practise taichi and gigong at Raffles Place.

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