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Someone by the name of Lee SH posted a series of links on a TRE thread showing how well S’pore is doing vis-a-vis the rest of the world. He attributes all this to the PAP.

As the PAP has ceded the Internet to the “lunatic fringe” (the words of Kee Chui Chan), it’s sad that Lee SH’s sterling efforts on behalf of the PAP will be ignored by the PAP.

Lee SH:

tax heaven: Whether bankrupt or not, PAP is without doubt the most unproductive government amongst 1st world countries.We pay maid levy, and what do we get in return for our taxes?We pay COE, ARP, ECP…What do we get in return?We pay electrical tarifs, water tarifs.Where did the tax money go?PAP knows how to tax, but not to return us with benefits from collecting them. The very definition of crooks.

I respectfully disagree. Singapore’s government is one of the best in the world. Let us take health care for example. Singapore spends about 4% of GDP on health care. UK spends 8% and the USA spends 17%. See this link:

Yet Singapore’s health care system is better than theirs.

Who says so?

World Health Organisation ranks Singapore’s health care as 6th best in the world. The UK ranks 18 and the USA ranks 37. See this link:’s_ranking_of_health_care_systems

So we spend less money on health care and end up healthier. A health expert from Canada, Cynthia Ramsay ranks our health care as no. 1 !!!
See this link:

Diet also plays a part. But so does the health care system. So partly as a result of our excellent health care, Singaporeans live long lives. See this link for life expectancy:

According to the CIA Factbook, Singaporeans can expect to live to 82 years compared to 80 for the British and 78 for Americans.

Singapore also shines in other areas – education and its chief forte economics. Newsweek in its Aug 16 issue 2010, ranks our education system 4th best in the world and our economic dynamism at no 1.

Every number I give you has a link to prove what I say is true:

You must also remember that all this was achieved with low government spending and hence low taxes. Yes, you heard that right. Singapore’s taxes are low – amongst the lowest in the world.

We all complain about COE, ERP, GST etc but add all our taxes up and you find the total taxes Singaporeans pay is very low compared to most other First World countries.

For example, our top income tax rate is only 20% as compared to 50% in the UK and 35% in the USA. We have no capital gains tax unlike them. Our GST is only 7% as compared to 20% in the UK.

So after adding all the taxes up where do we stand? Singaporeans on the whole pay very little taxes compared to other First World countries. Once again, I will give you a link to prove what I say is true:

Total taxes as percentage of GDP for Singapore amounted to a mere 14.2% as compared to 39% for the UK, 26.9% for the USA, 42.6% for Italy and so on. We are one of the lowest for a First World Country.

On top of that, most First World countries are going BROKE and have high unemployment (9.3% in the US and Europe)! We are not. We have HUGE reserves while they have HUGE debts. Our government taxes us less but give us better health care, education, economic management than most First World countries. So much for FIRST WORLD PARLIAMENTS.

That is why I think we have one of the best governments in the world.

  1. It looks like a report from the ST. Yeah, no wonder so many people want to move to Singapore from other First World countries… oops I mean Third World countries. Also, so many locals are leaving the country that it must earn another top ranking.

  2. CPF contribution is not factored in? Government practically uses the monies as they please, but gives miserly low interest rates. Worse still, you will no longer get the full amount even after you retire or reach 55. It’s basically locked away for good.

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