SPH: Worried investor grumbles

In Media on 26/07/2011 at 1:56 pm

A friend who is a long-term shareholder in SPH tells me that the lack of professionalism by SPH editors and reporters in covering the presidential elections is worrying him:

— a reporter who saw Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bock at a football match (Tony Tan said he wasn’t there);

— yet the reporter didn’t see Tan Kin Lian who was there;

— a reporter who criticises Tan Lin Lian wrongly  for censoring comments addressed to “TKL for president FaceBook page” yet doesn’t do the same when TT’s team censors comments addressed to his FaceBook page;

— the coverage of TT’s speeches look like something from the Pyongyang Times;

— the TT helping boy photo and report made the incident sound contrived for the media; and

— the absence of stories on other examples of TT’s “independence” from the PAP. Surely he says SPH can find other examples.

He wonders if SPH reporters and editors want to make TT look bad.

My friend is worried that the government will be so disgusted by SPH’s unprofessional attempts in promoting TT that it find ways to curb SPH’s dominance in the print media here. And his investment suffers.

  1. Their credibility has already suffered greatly in the GE and now leading up to PE , is so glaringly unprofessional, is beyond words. The only money making entity for them is their real-estates. People have switched off reading them, most get it online. I don’t know how long they can keep doing what they’re doing without opening up the press. That will come a point they will lose ALL credibility.

    There’s only thing to say ” White hair, PAP & SPH does not a President make”!

  2. Your friend should buy shares of News Corp. Just like buying BP shares in H1 of 2010. Or stocks in general during the GFC in Q4 2008 and Q1 2009. Just put a trailing 20% stop-loss on them and forget about it. Distressed investing is fun.

  3. Singaporean should asked, what if the Elected President failed in his duties to act. Who’s have got the right to remove him from office? Similarly who’s got the right to remove the the Government who failed to deliver in their PROMISES.

  4. Tell your friend not to worry. Just remember who the biggest shareholder in SPH is and that they can change the management. Happily vested in SPH

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