Honest mistakes? Or cannot be helped?

In Political governance on 29/07/2011 at 7:08 am

As regular readers will know, I’m pretty cynical abt the pronouncements made by ministers. But whatever little faith I had has been shaken badly in recent weeks

I’ve never believed the stories abt PRC prostitutes, sales assistants, hawkers and manual workers becoming PRs easily.  I tot the only people who got PRs easily were M’sian Chinese graduates from our unis or from overseas unis. Even M’sian Indian graduates have difficulty becoming PRs. So I tot PRC prostitutes and shop assistants getting to be PRs was a S’porean urban myth.

So it was to my great surprise to find out that a 30-something Chinese citizen working as a shop assistant is a PR. She had come to prominence when she assaulted an SMRT officer for daring to ask her to pay her child’s fare. As she is reported to be married to a taxi driver, I am wondering if her hubby is a PRC PR too. I understand only locals can drive taxis but I’ve been in cabs where the youngish drivers could only speak Mandarin.

Then there was the case of two PRC hawkers who were PRs. Their PR status was only made public when they were attacked by a local.

So PM are these three documented cases honest mistakes by immigration offcers? Or were they (and others) made PRs because “cannot be helped”.  They had the thing yr dad seems to value most, they were genetically pure-breed Chinese from China. His views on the tropics sapping the strength of people from cooler climes are well known.

As  I don’t expect an answer from PM, I hope one of the Opposition MPs can ask in Parly how come shop assistants and hawkers can become PRs? But I fear (Mrs Chiam excepted) they may be more interested in buttering up the PAP in the hope of becoming part of the ruling coalition after the next general election.

  1. Frankly, I am not surprised. By and large, the PAP elites are a reflection of the Old Man. By his own words and actions, we all know that the Old Man not only believes in eugenics, he also believes that some races are better than others. He has basically internalized into himself the experiences of his long life and distilled some warped ideology which he continues to apply to every situation he encounters in the modern age. His ability to hold so many self-contradictory biases and ideas together is something to marvel at.

    • lky is one of the biggest bigots around. He used to conceal this but now no longer. 100% of his utterances nowadays so clearly show this. If not for his bodyguards many would have been tempted to shove him into a drain as did happened before. But for all his nasty remarks, I can see that inside he is a physical as well as (worse) moral coward. He uses words and his mouth to pressurise his subordinates into doing his bidding and in one case, suicide (teh). He has the devil’s gift of how to use power to get his way. To prevail against him you must understand this and learn to fight as dirty as he is capable of and give it back to him as hard. He is fully aware of his own vulnerability that’s way he is always surrounded by his gang of bodyguards even in his own home.

    • A very accurate perception of the relationship between Kuan Yew and the elite group he has bred.

  2. The only thing I’m surprised is that you don’t realise how easy it is for chinaman to be given PR. Probability for chinaman with ITE-type certificate to get PR within 1 year is 80%. Probability for chinaman with diploma-type paper to get PR within 6 months is 99%. And doesn’t matter if the certificate or diploma is from some unknown place within the hinterlands of china like Shaanxi or Qinghai. Many chinaman with secondary school education come into S’pore as deliveryman etc. They can get PR within 2 years. Many of them take up taxi licenses, and their lessons and tests are all conducted in mandarin. Taxi licenses can only be awarded to “locals” — yes, but “locals” refer to both citizens and PRs. This has been PAP HR methodology for the past 13 years liao.

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  4. I am wondering how many of these “accidental” PRs are non-Chinese and non-Indians?

  5. accidental pr are result of incomplete investigation to the applicant background qualifications. the certificates or paper documents submitted can be ‘”duplicated”with the applicant name on it. one easy way to do it is to scan it on color copier, amend name on it using word programe. chinese official document are easy to copy. Indian cert as well. a indian hawker in beo crescent is a pr without qualification, go check it out

  6. I witnessed at one of the Woodlands balloting centre, a wheelchaired China man at 70+ man got his rights to vote in recent GE & raising on top his voice in Chinese “My scared vote…..PAP!” And the China teacher asked to help as voting officer diligently exceuted on behalf of this old man choice? I wonder how this old wheelchaired man got his citizenship??? The blks of flats ad far as 1km span all built less than 10years ago!

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