“Deeply disappointed”: Tony Tan

In Political governance, Wit on 31/07/2011 at 7:15 am

 Well I am too Doc.

Waz this using the services of that clueless, pea-brained dynamic duo of Kate Spade Tin and Fat Fingers Denise (PAP poster gal Tin’s spastic FaceBook administrator,) to help you with yr Facebook page?

What medication were you on when you approved their appointments?

Seriously, jokes aside, I am very deeply disappointed with the carelessness that you and your team communicate with us ordinary S’poreans. The reply to Jessica was not the first piece of carelessness (or is it elitist meritocratic snobbery at work?). This was. FaceBook does not automatically put comments in the spam folder.

(BTW I don’t think you or your team engineered this. Only the SPH news team could be so dumb.)

Sorry for the distractions. Coming back to the reply to Jessica. Why did you and your team assume that S’poreans know that yr son is a President’s Scholar, or that in the US a college degree is needed before one can go to medical school or that it takes so long to qualify as a MD in the US.

In the reply to “Jessica”, if these facts had been made public, I for one would have not thought further of the matter. But it is a hard truth that these facts were not made public until sometime on Friday. In their absence, people who don’t want you as president seized their chance to to make adverse comments. But you and your team gave them the opportunity.

As to why you gave those “subversives” the opportunity, maybe you and your team agree with one LKY that we are “daft”, hence easily satisfied with any explanation. Anyway, we should have known that your son is a scholar and how MDs are trained in the USA. And maybe we should have known. But many of us are distracted by stagnating wages, rising property prices, high inflation, and increasing electricity and transport bills.

You and your team should remember that you are standing for an elected office, not us “lesser mortals”. You need our votes to avoid the ignominy of joining George Yeo and friends. Adjust the way you communicate to “reach” us. Do not expect us to adjust our thinking to understand you, if you want our votes.

Oh and what apologising for not giving the facts in the first place? Facts that would prevented us from being distracted? And from wasting our time.

One final thought. Nicole Seah works in a smallish PR firm. As she is one S’porean who knows how to communicate with us ordinary S’poreans, maybe you should have a chat with her with a view of using her as a communications adviser?

I know GIC’s Head of Communications has taken leave and  is assisting you in her personal capacity. But I think Rin Tin Tin and Denise the Spastic would have done a better job, in communicating with us S’poreans. BTW is that lady from GIC a S’porean? She has an “ang moh ” name.

  1. “BTW is that lady from GIC a S’porean? She has an “ang moh ” name.”

    These last sentences bringing in xenophobic undertones “wasted” this article.

    Of course, you knew that Lewis was already quite a “staple” in CNA, SPH and Stomp before this. Otherwise, such facts could have been easily google-discovered.

  2. No I didn’t know. I don’t read STOMP or watch CNA. Googling gave me her name.

    Asking if she is S’porean is legit because Tony Tan’s communications team has a problem communicating with S’poreans. Hard to believe she is local given the way TT is communicating.

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  4. Who cares if this GIC Head Comms is helping him out. Is GIC doing a great comms job to begin with> ? It’s all opaque and vague in most matters, thus one can see all the standard Q&A script by Tony Tan so far. She will only “help” him further in this campaign..we should welcome that. Everyone knows that Tony Tan is the most elitist candidate so far, and his inability to be spontaneous and real (without reading from his carefully crafted script) is sign that he is simply not authentic. That’s way the election committee is only keep to 1 public rally for him…dafts singaproeans also can see.

  5. Sadly this inability to conduct an effective political campaign is a result of the decades of treating elections as an annoying exercise. There was no need for political discourse. They merely relied on a pliant and controlled mass media, co-opted state institutions and the unholy nexus between political and civil service leadership to do the needful – ie, get enough votes to seal victory and damn those who voted otherwise as ungrateful ‘noise’.
    So now that they are faced with a larger portion of the population who are not willing to toe the line or are asking questions of the candidates put before them, no wonder they are unable to cope.
    For a class of people who were groomed and schooled to believe they were masters of this little red dot, it must be galling to actually prove themselves to the general population. Of course Dr TT can count on the civil service, MINDEF and GLC votes, plus those of Singaporeans who still believe the MSM hook, line and sinker. So dont be surprised if the Istana starts ordering hairgel by the crate.

    I do have to agree with Bryan Ti that Jennifer Lewis’ origin is irrelevant. Even PAP used an Israeli-born prof as their internet co-ordinator. And at least Jennifer has taken official leave – I know of at least one young civil servant who claimed to be “working from home” and subsequently bragged to her colleagues about helping out her MOS on walkabouts and updating his FB account.

    • Foreigners cannot help out in presidential election, GE is different.

      With the cock ups in his campaign, maybe another cock up — he forgot the rule.

  6. please lah. chinese married to an indian. any more racist bigoted queries?

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