President Nathan: An Ordinary S’porean

In Political governance, Wit on 09/08/2011 at 10:06 am

Today, president Nathan will be presiding over the National Day Parade.

If the comments on the internet are to be believed, many netizens think that he should be flipping pratas instead and serving them to LKY, Ho Ching, the PM and other ministers. Now that is unfair, if not downright mean

Firstly, he represents one of the quiet S’poreans who support the PAP. There are 60% of them.

He is also a good model for the very many S’poreans (quiet or not) who buy Toto, Big Sweep and 4-D tickets. At the age of 74, he won big time. From a retired civil servant living in a modest semi-detached house along in an unfashionable district, he has become at almost 86 a multi-millionaire. His near contemporaries who had bigger houses in more fashionable districts have been left far behind.

He is your typical quiet ordinary S’porean who happened to luck out. A great role model.

So let’s give him two cheers and oh make mine a pratha with an extra egg.

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  1. Correction: he can flip pratas if and only if so advised by the cabinet. Otherwise, he is constitutionally required to sit down and shut up. Let’s not underestimate the pain and anguish he suffers as he seeks cabinet permission to use the toilet.

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