S’pore still has AAA- status

In Political economy on 09/08/2011 at 6:21 am

So all those S’poreans who believe that their CPF monies are not safe, should think again.

  1. Does AAA matter when all your reserves are invested in other (deadbeat) countries?

  2. By the way, I think you are getting less cynical nowadays… 🙂

    • No. I am very cynical abt those who should know how the CPF system works scare-mongering S’poreans into believing that the GIC and Temask losses means their CPF moneies are not safe.

  3. France and UK also AAA leh. I think 20% of our CPF in those countries. No wonder cannot withdraw lumpsum but must wait until 65 to get $400 a month.

  4. Definitely anyone in their right mind will be able to think, if CPF have the money why should they hold back members’ fund. Simple thinking, CPF controlled by the PAP for the past 50 years, by force savings, held back your hard earn money, for the past 50 years right? in the meantime they are still collecting from new members to pay the existing members, that means at least 50 years of force savings in cash MUST be in the CPF, (I SINCERELY HOPE THAT THE CASH IS STILL INTACT.)am I right, correct me if I am wrong. Because they are collecting everyday from new members to pay the existing members (BY INSTALLMENTS) and yet refused to allow CPF members to utilize their own money in full, for medical purposes. Why? Again WHY, refuse to pay back our medisave until death? Are we able to use our money when we are dead? WHY? WHY? WHY?

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