The insensitivty of an official currying FTs over locals

In Political governance on 11/08/2011 at 8:17 am

I was appalled when I read u/m in Today recently.The mediator leans on a local Indian family to stop cooking curry when their PRC neighbours are at home. Reason, the FTs don’t like the smell of curry. Now if the Indian family cooks curry at the wrong time, they can sued by the PRC couple. Do they have to knock on the PRC couple’s door to check if they are in before they cook curry? The mind boggles.

This is carrying matters too far. The PRC couple should be told that S’pore is a multicultural, multicultural place, where curry is a staple food. If they can’t stand the smell, they should move on to another apartment, where there are no curry smells to offend them.

Worse, the mediator is proud that she pressured the S’porean Indian family to accomodate this most unreasonable request. She should be ashamed of herself.

Finally. as  the Community Mediation Centre is funded by us the tax payers, are we supposed to fund the Ms Giams of the world so that they can allow FTs to lord it over us? Seriously, the centre and Ms Giam act the way they do because of the signals that they perceive they are getting from the government.

Is the message they think they are getting is, “S’poreans are daft, FTs are tua kee”?

The government should send a clear message: S’pore is a multiracial, multicultural society, where foreigners are welcomed but must fit in. Are well, pigs are likely to fly before this happen. Witness PM’s message, “Let’s not turn negative on foreigners”. How abt him telling dad not to keep sending the message that FTS are tua kee, locals are daft and lazy?

What next? S’poreans can’t eat durians or blachan because the smell offends the FT neighbours? Or Ms Giam bullying S’poreans to accept that public spitting is OK becauses FTs do it?

A family, who had just moved here from China, had resorted to mediation because they could not stand the smell of curry that their Singaporean Indian neighbours would often cook. The Indian family, who were mindful of their neighbour’s aversion, had already taken to closing their doors and windows whenever they cooked the dish, but this was not enough.

“They said: ‘Can you please do something? Can you don’t cook curry? Can you don’t eat curry?’,” said Madam Marcellina Giam, a Community Mediation Centre mediator. But the Indian family stood firm. In the end, Mdm Giam got the Indian family to agree to cook curry only when the Chinese family was not home. In return, they wanted their Chinese neighbours to at least give their dish a try.


  1. well here’s MinLaw CYA move – blame the reporter! Unfortunately MinLaw have also shot themselves in the foot as their mediator clearly did not follow what MinLaw claims in its penultimate paragraph:

    “In cases where parties are of different ethnicities, cultural background or nationalities, the mediators try to get them to understand the varying perspectives and to foster greater understanding and communication.”

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  3. Hey you die your biz. What to do, the 60.1% have spoken.

  4. This is insane. Especially for FT like me to read it.

    This would not happen in Malaysia.

  5. I have a neighbour who keeps on smoking in his house, and we cannot get them to stop.

    I would sure like to ask Community Mediation Centre if they can ask this neighbour “can you stop smoking” ?

    At least SMOKING is harmful. Eating curry is supposed to be healthy for some.


    Another similiar case. So we cant burn incense during 7th mth anymore to accomodate others?

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