The curry thickens

In Political governance on 18/08/2011 at 6:49 am

Wah lan! “Cannot eat curry when FTs are home” happened 6- 7 yrs ago. So now we know that for at least more than 6- 7 yrs,  the Community Mediation Centre has been telling locals that complaining FTs can’t stand curry. This is even earlier than the “Foreigners 1st, 2nd and 3rd; locals last” policy that was introduced by the government. I hate to think what the CMC were doing after MM said in 2009 that S’poreans were daft and lazy while PRC FTs were “the salt of the earth”.

OK I exaggerate.

But the law minister and his ministry still don’t get it.

What upsets and annoys the respectable netizens of cowtowns is that CMC raised the issue with the local family. It should have told the FT family, “S’pore is a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. Preparing and eating curry is part of everyday S’pore life. As guests here, if you can’t stand the smell, pls find another apartment.”

Instead it conveyed the complaint to the local family. And initially gave the MediaCorp free-sheet the impression that it proudly “pressured” the local family. Of course, it now denies pressuring the family. But that’s to be  expected. It would say that, wouldn’t it?

Even so, the fact that it wanted to publicise the incident of it telling the local family of the complaint, tells us that it is not willing to tell FTs that they,as guests, must be sensitive to their host.

Or maybe, the minister and ministry get it. They are just trying to throw curry powder over the issue of the insensitivity of the CMC towards locals.

I hope Lina Chiam raises the issue when parliament opens. The WP MPs will have better things to do. WP MP Pritam Singh implies that the WP wants to be in a coalition with the PAP after the next election.

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  1. First they cited the wrong facts..TODAY article clearly stated that or gave the impression that CMC mediated and got the indian family to agree to the curry curfew. But by the time Minister Shanmugam went on TV that was not the case. The CMC don’t interfere, or impose any solutions. He claimed they settled in among themselves!

    Secondly as dk mentioned, they gave an old fact (like 6-7yrs old) out of the 498 cases handled since! Why? And for Shanmugam to accuse people to act wildly and emotionally on wrong facts, he ought to ask who started these unnecessary curry controversy in the first place?! If we had been a real cowboy towns with guns rights, the shooting would have already done and dusted with casualty everywhere! And for Law Minister to blame it on us for letting it out of hand – it actually took him a bloody 1 week to response! The least he could do, is to provide us the latest update on the two disputed family and see their progress today!

    Everyone should just curry on.

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