SMRT: Third time unlucky?

In Infrastructure on 19/08/2011 at 8:31 am

Investors should seriously consider selling their SMRT shares.

There has been another serious of breach of security at a train depot. This after security was supposedly  tightened after last yr’s break-in that went undetected for days. This time the break-in was detected within hours. Even so the vadalised train was on the tracks before being recalled.

SMRT (and commuters) have been lucky twice. The break-ins resulted only in vandalism. But will this luck hold?

We have been told that Muslim terrorists have targeted S’pore because it is a friend of the West. So SMRT (and commuters) could be the victims of a bomb blast if SMRT continues being unconcerned with security.

If commuters are killed in a bomb blast resulting from explosives being planted in a carriage after a break-in at a depot, SMRT will be sued for tens of millions. And fined tens of millions by the government.

So selling yr SMRT shares now, may be a gd idea.

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  2. Nothing against your post, but I am disturbed at your linking of “Muslim” and “terrorists” side by side. Not all Muslims are terrorists (as the Norway psycho has proven), so a terrorist is just that, a terrorist.

    • Well I don’t hear of terrorists of the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or any other faiths (Islam excepted) targeting Singapore. Only terrorists who identify themselves as Muslims are targeting S’pore.

  3. During the Oklahoma City bombing and the Norway massacre, many people’s first thoughts were Islamic terrorists. The truth has shown otherwise. Just because other groups have kept quiet doesn’t mean they don’t harbour violent thoughts.

  4. SMRT still ok lah. Even if 100,000 people get blown to bits won’t get sued for more than $1M which SMRT can earn in 3 days. LTA will fine SMRT maybe $50K and tell it nicely to buck up. CEO will be replaced by SAF general. At most its insurance premiums go up by 10%. Hedge your bets with positions in ST Engineering.

  5. Security breaches can never be totally prevented
    much like ‘low crime does not mean no crime’.
    for terrorism, unhappiness is the cause and the
    cure/remedy is to create happiness.
    unfortunately, religions tend to cause, foster and
    fuel terrorism within and out of the individual

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