Tan Jee Say: Wannabe spender of S$60bn

In Political governance on 19/08/2011 at 7:24 am

I hope S’poreans who want a president to act as “jaga” (security guard) or as “auditor and gatekeeper” (Tan Jee Say’s words) of our reserves realise that Tan Jee Say wants to spend S$60bn of our reserves on various projects (see page three of this).

So if you want a “jaga” or “auditor and gatekeeper”  to ensure that our reserves are not raided by the governing PAP to ensure a victory at the next GE (Goh Meng Seng for one has alluded to this possibility), voting for TJS to become president would be like suckling pigs voting for Chinese New Year or sheep voting for the coming Eid festival. Or chickens voting to allow a fox into their coop.

As he has said he will lobby the cabinet on his spending plans, he would surely endorse their plans, if they agreed to fund his plans. The result will be like drunks spending Christmas in a brewery.

And as an experienced manager, he should know that the auditing and gatekeeping functions are separate from the advisory role. So why does he want to combine them into one person, himself?

Of course, if you think like KennethJ that too much money has been locked away in the reserves, go ahead and vote for TJS. If he wins, the PAP will rue the day that LKY came up with the idea of an elected prsident to fix any non-PAP government that wins power in a “freak” election that is not, in turn, overturned by the SAF. To get hold of the reserves, the governing PAP would have to play ball with TJS.

Here’s something I find terribly funny. TRE and S’pore Election Watch have very strongly endorsed TJS and postings on their sites show the support that their followers are giving him. But these sites, at regular intervals, carry pieces on why the reserves are insufficient to cover CPF withdrawals, and hence the government’s restrictions on withdrawals.

If there are insufficient funds in our reserves for our CPF withdrawals, how can these sites and their followers support a chap who wants to spend S$60bn of money that they say does not exist?

One wonders what TJS thinks of these supporters? He had said when he was a SDP candidate in the recent GE elections that S$60bn is only a small amount of our reserves.

But I give respect where respect is due.  These sites are courageous. If TJS loses his deposit, they will be shown not to be opinion formers and leaders, but juz ranters. If he gets a decent share of the votes, or wins, they justly deserve the bragging rights.

Based on reports that only abt 100 TJS supporters turned up at the nomination and that they booed Tony Tan, the probability of TJS losing his deposit is high. BTW, the People’s Voice only had abt 80 supporters there. Looks like people don’t want him to be their voice. TKL looks likely to lose his deposit too. No wonder he kept trying to keep his option to withdraw open until the very end.

  1. “… chickens voting to allow a fox into their coop.”

    My thoughts exactly.

    His exact words were: “small change”.

  2. You missed the point.
    TJS might have some ideas to better regenerate the economy but he can only influence in a President role. Much as he like he can’t initiate these as it shld be undertaken by PAP/Opp Parties. So this can only act as suggestion. His right is in veto (not initiation) power.
    What people should be concern about is the fact that the Prime Minister (PM) who is currently the Head of GIC (Investment Fund that tells you where to grow/lose & gamble/spend) in addition to his other hat as Head of Govt ( tells you where yr money comes from to feed the fund, and where it goes to spend – not necessary on its people) . Do you get any information or transparency in both these areas today?

    That’s my friend, is the danger for SG. If you still think you don’t need a savvy and smart President to check on the Govt pertaining to our reserves, you’re equally daft like most singaporeans. Guarding our reserves is the same as a check on our reserves earning and spending which is ZERO transparency to us today. Don’t let your support for a particular candidate blind you on the essential job ahead of our nation.

    • Nope you missing the pt. TJS can cut deal with govmin. “I use my second key when you want it, if you fund my projects”.

  3. Damn, I’m still waiting for the 80% stock market crash and the Super Depression with 50% unemployment rate. This will force the issue whether we got anything worth a damn left in our reserves. Come on leh, don’t keep me waiting so long.

  4. Erhm, The result will be like drunks spending Christmas in a brewery. If they are drunk, they won’t be able to drink much. U probably mean alcoholics? 😆

    • Drunks can drink when drunk. You never went pub-crawling? Drink till drunk, then throw up, and drink again. Repeat a few times.

  5. TJS wants to spend $60b to invest in Singaporeans. At least he didn’t lose $70-100b in “long term investments” within 2 months.

  6. He wld be daft to hold the garment in ransom. He’d be booted out by 2/3.
    For all that drunk talk, why not ask the basic question – is there beer in the barrel to begin with!! Cynic is right – I wld rather the money is invested in Singaporeans then thrown away to the global high-frequency-traders who are there to scam!
    My take is down to the last two Tans – TCB & TJS. Is anybody’s game.

  7. I don’t see how TJS and TKL care whether they lose their deposits. It is not their money anyway, but the anti-PAP crowd who donated them. These are people who will not risk their own money but uses others to benefit themselves.

  8. The thing that alarmed me is TJS says he would like to disband Temasek and sell the assets. What’s the point of selling Temasek’s assets when many of these are important and strategic assets? He claims he wants to sell the assets to the private sector. But ask yourself, how many of the privately owned companies in Singapore are non GLCs, and if GLCs are not allowed to buy these assets since it will be a left pocket to right pocket deal, then is he saying that we should sell our national assets to foreign owned private corporates? This is going down a slippery slope. Ever since Temasek sold our power plants to foreign buyers, electricity costs have been going up because the foreign buyers need to generate enough returns to cover their high purchase prices. And besides, after selling the assets, what is the government going to do with the proceeds? Sit in cash, buy foreign assets (which have been depreciating against SGD), buy US Treasuries or Euro bonds?

  9. for me Tan CB is out, he thinks for EP to reflect the concerns of Singaporean is playing door to door politics. why should i vote for him if he not interested in issues of day facing Singaporeans.

  10. wanna bet, i dont think TKL and TJS will lose their deposits

    • Well between the two of them they could only muster less than two hundred supporters at the nomination centre.

      They each need abt 240,000 voters each to avoid losing their deposits.

  11. TJS is the only candidate with BALLS, something Singaporeans have lost along the 46-year journey.

    The least the balless people can do is show some spine for once, like the majority in Aljunied and Hougang, the people who boo’ed TT, and TRE readers.

    Being Balless and Spineless is pathetic.

  12. With 4 millions or more of SINDollars Income per year, what happen to the State and the Citizens is only a side duty of a Sin President. His/her duty is to wear nice nice and talk sweet sweet to the people and other foreign dignitaries. He/she acts an an idol to those ah sohs and ah sims who will thrust their babies for a presidential touch(physical) and fotoshoot. The President will also get to watch, dine and wine with diplomats and celebrities, flies to overseas and be a ceremonial representative of the State.

    The Main Duty of keeping the State prosperous and peaceful fall on the Cabinet Members and the people.

    So, who would NOT LIKE to be a president of Sin?

    BUT, if the President Of Sin is only remunerated at $250Ks, HOW MANY OF THE 4 CANDIDATES WILL STAY FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL CONTEST?


    • “wear nice nice and talk sweet sweet to the people and other foreign dignitaries”, what happen when the foreign Head of State asked about profile and past achievement? Oh the old school days at RI maybe a bit more unvi days at UK…..a bit more… you know Goh Chok Tong…the PPS.

      After Ong Teng Cheong and Lee Hsien Loong were diagnosed with cancer in 1992,[8] and 1993[9] Tan was asked[10] to return to Cabinet in August 1995 as Deputy Prime Minister (1995–2005) and Minister for Defence (1995-2003). It was reported that he declined an offer of make-up pay, which compensated ministers for a loss in salary when they leave the private sector.[11] Tan declared, “the interests of Singapore must take precedence over that of a bank and my own personal considerations”. [12]

  13. Thanks for stating the fact and I hope Singaporean can realize who are the candidates that we should vote for base on their conviction and contribution for many years, and not use their balls to decide on a candidate who only says things to tap the emotion of the people.

  14. Wow!
    me must be having retention lapse.
    Remember that tony tan left the Cabinet citing that he had commitment to his children’s education, so had to go back to the private sector.
    Then rumours had it that he declined the post of PM resulting in the Second Choice goh chok tong holding the Highest Office in Sin for two terms and he(tt) went to GIC. How much he was paid in GIC, anybody knows???
    Well, if tony tan has such reverential piety that he had expressed, let us see if he will offer to serve as president at Sin$250Ks or less.
    Me at 60 year old had earned no more than $800Ks since the day me started working at 17 and of course it is not right to compare meself with elites and talents lah. Me am just another Singaporean in the street, that is a member of the plebeian.

  15. 60 billion IS small change if it is for a good cause, just as it is peanuts to pay a CEO of a charity organisation 600k.

  16. And if Tony Tan is so damn good, why leave his so important post at GIC to become a President who according to Shanmugan, can only speak when told.

  17. I also cannot understand Tony’s rationale for standing. If he didn’t want to be PM, why does he want to be President now? Which role can make a bigger difference?

  18. People, Tony Tan supported Dhanabalan when he was slapped by Lee, so much that he resigned back then.

  19. All these talk talk……..simple maths lah…..TT stand for PE ….TCB stands in to pull vote away from TJS/TKL…and than Bingo …TT become P of Sin ….keep all the GIC shit in …hahahaha! excuse me ..uncle beng no smart …just think think who to vote la?

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