Are you OK Doc Tan?

In Political governance on 21/08/2011 at 3:01 pm

I’m wondering if Tony Tan realises that the president is only a security guard when it comes to guarding the reserves?

The speech he gave at the NTUC financial and business services cluster National Day observance ceremony on Friday morning, was a good one. He talked abt the worsening global economy and the uses that the reserves can play.  But it was the speech of a player, not a security guard. ://

So maybe he is hinting to the PM that he would like to return to GIC where he can play a meaningful role in helping S’pore steer through the crisis. He has after all helped built up the reserves to the extent that Tan Jee Say can say spending S$bn of the reserves on Jee Say’s plans is “small change”.

I for one prefer him to return to GIC. The elected presidency is too small a role for him. It was too small for LKY, it is too small for Tony Tan. Link was inserted at 6.25 pm on 21 August 2011.


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  2. TCB promises to be a ”watchdog” if he’s elected into the Istana. Wow, is he lobbying for SPCA’s endorsement? Has politics gone to the dogs in SG? No wonder he wants to move PMO out of Istana – he gonna turn it into IsKennel !

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