TKL: Gone over to the Dark Side?

In Political governance on 21/08/2011 at 7:47 am

TKL had consistently said that he wanted to run a clean campaign. “I do not wish to cast any candidate in a negative light or to engage in any activity that may smear or belittle their reputation or character.” Example.

But this statement appeared on his websiteon 19th August. Excerpts that belittled two other Tans:

— Another candidate has stood as a candidate for an opposition party. He now wants to act as a check and balance on the government. Do you want the office of the President to be quarreling with the Government most of the time?

— Another candidate was a non-executive chairman of a company and is not fully involved in the management. Do you want a President who does not have much financial experience to carry out the role of safeguarding the reserves?

He was reported to have said something similar in Jurong.

So has Anarkin Skywalker, the Jedi Knight, turned to the Sith Lord, Darth Vader?

As, in the early career of Anarkin Skywalker, there was evidence that he would join the Dark Side, in the case of TKL there were similar signs. Remember his extreme sensitivity to criticism? The recent examples need no reminders. But in 2008, he rowed with some netizens (self included) calling them smearers and astroturfers when they asked him why he only found the courage to speak out after he retired. He tried unsuccessfully to have the unfavourable remarks removed. He “unfriended” the website, even though it closed the thread.

  1. Yes, the gloves are off. You can’t win by being a nice guy.

    TJS keep attacking all other candidates by saying “They lived and breathed PAP”.

    TCB decided to “suddenly” bring up innocent 4D app during roundtable discussion.

    TT does not need to attack anybody, the media does it for him.

    So what TKL is doing is normal. You should be thick skinned about it.

  2. I’m not a TKL supporter. I think more should be done to address the mainstream media bias for Tony Tan. Like what the first commentator said, Tony Tan just needs to smile, while the media does the attacking for him. This media imbalance needs to be addressed.

  3. Still he didn’t make any name calling, labeling, insunuation or try drawing any hidden inferences about incompetencies, conduct or personal performance which characterized past GE. These are antics which can and seek to debase the character and reputation of rivals. TKL statement on what his campaign markers are
    on my opinions mistreated by some

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