SMRT CEO still does not get it

In Infrastructure on 23/08/2011 at 8:07 am

True, she says, “We cannot have another incident”. But Ms Saw said that in the rest of the world, graffiti on trains is quite a normal occurrence. “What has happened here is not the only time in Asia that you have penetration and graffiti on the train.

She still thinks we are upset because of graffti.

I hope it doesn’t take a few hundred deaths caused by bombs planted by terrorists  to make her realise that the issue is public security and safety not graffti.

  1. These executhieves are not up to their job. They do not understand what is actually required of them, all they can do is talk only. Does anyone in executive capacity, after the first incident allow for a second one to happen, after stepping up with all the extra securities.
    Very doubtful.

  2. She daft and needs to get penetrated..perhaps by our PM who has super sperm. See how smart his wife became after marriage.

  3. She does not know what is expected of her to be in that position. She blamed the security company and than retracted, we are not here to pin point anyone, Security and safety is about peoples’ lives at stake. Who cares how many graffties there maybe, if security is tight and proper, I cannot understand why the culprit cannot be identified with all the CCTV around. Similarly this is like the Whitly Road case maybe. All CCTV suddenly blackout, when Mas Selemat escaped, huh ?

  4. When SMRT thinks Graffiti is okie on the train, they say we should not make a big hoo ha and say look at the West. But when our Mbrs of Parliament/Ministers/Prime Ministers/President pay is too high and we compare it to the West (Obama the most powerful man on earth only makes $400,000; not even worth a peanut in somebody’s eyes),
    they say knn you all no brains.
    I am confused!

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