Tony Tan keeps getting saboed by the governing PAP

In Political governance on 23/08/2011 at 7:33 am

Since the constructive, nation-building local media and NTUC, have portrayed Tony Tan as the governing PAP’s preferred candidate, every time there is public unhappiness with the government, his popularity suffers.

And boy oh boy, the unhappiness with the government has grown since the May GE.

First was the request by the two tpt cos to raise fares. SMRT is a TLC while a statutory board owns 12% of Comfort Delgro. Approval was given for a rise, abt a third of the amount requested. The funny thing is that fare rises don’t take effect until October. So couldn’t the request and approval be made in September?

Then there is CurryGate. A constructive, nation-building newspaper told us that that a government appointed  meditaor had proudly boasted of “pressuring” a local Indian family to stop preparing or eating curry when the FT PRC neighbours were in. When there was a public uproar at the insensitivity of the mediator, the government denied the accuracy of the newspaper article.

But its response created another issue: why were the mediators even raising the issue with the local family? Surelyguests have to adapt to hosts, not the other way round?

Strike three is the repeatedly failure of SMRT to secure its train depots.

Then came strike four. PAGate:  in a nutshell, the HDB had the brazen nerve to lease some prime spots for grassroots events — apparently previously by the PAP-controlled Aljunied Town Council — to the People’s Association. This was done quickly after the General Elections, on 27 May and 13 June, and apparently without any announcement or publication anywhere. On 15 August, the PA informed Sylvia Lim, Chairman of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, that “bookings by WP will not be allowed”.

The presidential election is fast turning into a referendum on the government’s actions since the GE in May. And there is a gd alternative to Tony Tan.  He too was a PAP MP (at a time when PAP  MPs were respected members of the community, unlike today), he has moderate and compassionate views and best of all he is no radical or self-appointed Voice of the People.

If Tony Tan is the preferred candidate, he should tell the PM that the PM is doing him no favours and that the PM can keep the presidency. At 71, he is too old to do NS or to lose a public election thru no fault of his own.

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  2. The PAP and their related cronies and affiliates are all onboard a large supertanker that has gone off course. The rudder is broken.

    It is now impossible to steer it, as it has a life of its own. It behaves the way it has been conditioned to. Only a large immovable object in its path can stop it.

    • One of those USSR aircraft-carrier-killer 10-megaton nuclear anti-ship missile should be sufficient to put a stop to the un-steerable supertanker. Also vaporise a large chunk of seawater and marine life as well. Only question is how many daft sheep got the balls to launch the missile?

  3. Who cares. Nobody should care to vote for TT.
    Like all his PAP predecessor, he will end up in a GLC post somewhere, or he can go back to his family Bank. If he’s truly concerned with global economy and wants to help and contribute, he should go run for IMF or WorldBank instead. If Tharman could possibly make it, with his “wise experience” he can definitely make it too.
    In fact, who knows, our PM Lee might just put him directly on the Chair of the Presidential Council Advisor and he get to be the acting President on top of the one we voted in. Two for the price of one – something PAP Aljunied GRC has proven to be very capable of. Just turned them all into GRO advisors, and they get to be invited, not the winning MPs from WP.
    So like we say, there’re plenty of opportunity for TT life after PE when he doesn’t get elected. He has declined to be an PM before, why does he bother to run for PE now?
    If the economy is not good enough for him then, why should it be good for him now to worry?
    We are tired of another Minister-mentor types of role.

  4. Let me just correct Notvoting4TTeither: “or he can go back to his family Bank”

    Dr TT has no family bank, geddit. OCBC is controlled by the descendents of the Lee Kong Chian family n Dr TT ain’t one of them. Pse get your fact on this right!

  5. auntie, what notvoting4tt probably meant was that tt could probably easily get a high-level job in ocbc if he opens his mouth. Which majority of other bank CEOs won’t enjoy if they also open their mouths, not to mention the 99.99% of Sinkies. High-level connections stretching 2 generations of family can open doors.

  6. What’s wrong with banning WP from booking the spots? Please remember that PAP is the ruling party. I’d vote for Tan Cheng Bock if Tony Tan hadn’t joined the race, because both are the PAP stalwarts who really championed and appreciate PAP policies for the greater good of Singapore.

  7. Naive to just blame TT, no fault of his lei. Singaporean shd be more circumspect in their thinking and vote with the head not with the heart

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