Why S’poreans must unite and send another message to PM

In Political governance on 26/08/2011 at 7:37 am

Since 27 August is only a few days after the 100th day of PM’s cabinet being sworn in, we should use that day to tell the PM that we will not tolerate the:

— unjustified commuter fare rise;

— repeated failures to secure MRT carriages and depots;

— attempts to tell us how we should vote on 27 August;

— Central Mediation Centre’s and MinLaw’s refusal to tell FTs that they are guests here, not our overlords, and must tolerate our culture and eating habits; and

— continued fixing of the Opposition by the PA (a government agency of which he is the chairman).

TJS and TKL supporters, please vote with yr minds, not yr hearts. Do you seriously think yr candidate can win?

You may hate Dr Tan Cheng Bock, but hold yr noses and vote for the Tan that swing voter mules (45%) are most comfortable with,  and who is not the preferred candidate of the PAP.

PAP supporters, by not voting for Tony Tan you will help those members of the CEC who want the party to change. Remember the PM has said he will work with the winner, but do you want the winner to be TKL or TJS? TCB was until recently one of the MIW.

Anyway Tony Tan is meant for bigger things (like returning to GIC). The presidency is too small for him.

S’poreans vote tactically. Vote for the Tan who the PAP doesn’t want to win but who is not a radical or a friend of the SDP and Dr Chee, or who is from the Dark Side, pretending to be the “People’s Voice”.

Vote for Dr Tan Cheng Bock, the guy who wants to unite us thru footie and multiracialim. OK even I  admit this is corny. But at the very least, he is not the candidate of choice of the PAP, or Dr Chee and the SDP, or of Goh Meng Seng or the NSP.

  1. As a (cynical) investor, you are still pro-PAP (i.e. not rocking the boat – your investment.) Perhaps there are many like you but I doubt the young cares much about pro-PAP candidates.

  2. Xmen @ Amen to that

  3. Well said, Uncle Cynical! A vote for Tan Cheng Bock is a vote to for change in the PAP!

    Wait a minute… are we voting for the Chairman of the PAP CEC or the President of Singapore? Or are they one and the same?

    I think it is a futile effort to reform the PAP by casting a vote for TCB to help a suppressed faction within the PAP, which may exist only in your imagination. Regardless the PAP will speak as one voice, the stronger one, even if there are others.

    I trust the PAP to do the right thing, and Singapore can emerge more robustly with a man we can rely on to prevent a rogue PAP from hurtling the nation towards the ground. We younglings have many more years to go, surely a healthy growing Singapore with opportunities for all (as opposed to a small group of plutocrats) is better than living off the meagre inheritance of a Golden Age that has come and gone in your time.

    May our wisdom guide us to the same conclusion.

    • Well if Jee Say’s pals in SDP and TRE and S’pore Election Watch are to bew believed there isn’t any money left in the kitty for you youngsters. Yet he says S$60bn is “small change” in reserves. I can’t trust him because he or his pals are wrong.
      TKL? Here’s the guy who is so undignified as to turn up to a memorial service in campaign tee shirt.

      So who is left to cock a snook at PM and his devious fixing ways?

      BTW, Tony’s internet campaign is an insult to us netizens. Can’t believe his head of PR is local Eurasian. Latest reply of sons leaves qns unanswered and begs more qns. and I’m guy not too fussed abt NS issue. I combat trained and no white horse, but got cushy job. It happens.

  4. I will be voting Tan Cheng Bock instead of Tony Tan. Tan Cheng Bock spoke up in 1987 in support of the arrest of the Marxist conspirators. This is a man who understands putting the nation above the individual. He is a safe pair of hands who will not rock the boat and threaten the stability of Singapore. This is why he was the first non cabinet minister elected into the PAP Central Executive Committee. He has already said that he will work within the boundaries of the constituion. The role of the President is custodial and it is more important to have someone likeable like Tan Cheng Bock. Therefore I will be very comfortable with Tan Cheng Bock as President.

  5. I am partial to TKL despite his willy-nilly ways and lack of sophistication, but he seems to be far behind the pack that what I say makes no difference. I have prepared to make a tactical choice between the lesser of the two evils.

    I shall not hide my disdain and disappointment for TJS’s association with TRE and the ill-conceived S$60bn Economic Regeneration Plan for the sake of argument. It was foolish and will not win friends from the ‘swingers’. He did not mention the plan explicitly in this campaign, so I hope he will keep to his stated role to “check the gahmen” and instead of meddling with it. So far I am not impressed with his representation on how he intends do that.

    TCB has been tested for his loyalty and compliance to the PAP machinery over basic human decency, and passed with flying colours when he chaired the committee in 1987 calling for the infamous “Marxist conspirators” to be hulled to the slammer. Many years have passed since the fateful episode, might the man we see today changed since then? At the forum hosted by TOC, he claimed he believed the evidence then and do not wish to reopen the episode for inquiry. This is the dealbreaker for me. It shows he can be bent like other men and truly made me question the wise, grandfatherly patriarch persona that he placed before us.

    Need we debate more about TT?

    It gives me little joy to give a vote to an known unknown like TJS, but he appears to have the gumption to play the part of checking the gahmen. I can only hope he will, over time, prove my concerns false if he gets elected.

    Or mayhaps I may change my mind again at daybreak.

  6. Make sure you vote for the right tan, or you will vote for the 笨 tan, or worse a 坏 tan, who will 倒 tan, and Singapore will be 完 tan. With the wrong tan you will have to ban ban tan for 6 years.

  7. Cynical,

    I am getting cynical about your comments on the $60B reserve that TSJ proposes to draw upon. Do you think there is $60B or no? I’m pretty sure you believe there is $60B and that it is a “small change” relative to the reserve size (even though no one knows the actual figure.) If so, please stop bashing TSJ on his plan on the reserve. Singapore has been building its reserve for many decades and yet has not used it to improve the lives of ordinary Singaporeans (welfare, healthcare, education, retirement) in any meaningful way, or even during the once in a lifetime Great Recession. I am completely with TSJ on using the reserve to help Singaporeans.

    I also see nothing wrong with an outspoken President. PAP has been bending the rules to maintain its power (e.g GRC) and suppress the people. So what’s so wrong about having someone to speak for the people?


    • My point is that I judge a man by the co he keeps. He keeps co and accepts support from people who disagree that there are reserves to be tapped.

      So how can he be trusted to do the right thing?

      • Must TSJ agree with his supporters on everything? I can agree with TSJ on the reserve issue but definitely not on everything! Speaking of trust, one can argue that none of the candidates can be trusted using your logic.

  8. The Said $60 Billions is not for the President
    or us, the lay Singaporeans to decide or use.
    However, it is good drama with benign fun if
    a president with initiative and conscience
    speaks on behalf of the common man.

    Tan Jee Say will have little or no say about
    money, so with the other three candidates.
    BUT, Tan Jee Say seems willing to talk to
    the Rulers for Singaporeans.

    The money of Sin is for the Rulers to decide,

    • You are correct that the President has no say on how/when to spend the reserve. However, by bringing out the topic, he makes it an issue that deserves looking into. Given the stinginess of PAP, we will all live poor and die wealthy. TSJ did not suggest that we spend all the reserve. All he suggested was to spend a “small change” to improve the well being of Singaporeans. What is so wrong about the idea? If enough people agree with him, PAP will have to do something about it. This is democracy at work! We are no longer living in the 60s, 70s, 80s, or even 90s. We can’t go back in time. Just look at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya.

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