Don’t cry for TKL, but what abt GMS?

In Political governance on 04/09/2011 at 9:27 am

I didn’t want to write the first part of this piece because the presidential election is over and Tony Tan has been sworn in as the new president. Let’s move on. But the behaviour of Tan Kin Lian and some of his supporters annoys me no end. Hence the first part of the piece.

Tan Kin Lian and some of his supporters are behaving as though the election is still on. They are trying to prove that although he lost his deposit and cost S’poreans the opportunity to have a president that was not the PAP’s preferred candidate, it wasn’t his fault.

The blame is put on Yahoo! (Who other than TKL takes online polls seriously, certainly not Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Otherwise he would be complaining to TOC for a survey that showed him last) and Tan Jee Say (Hey he got 25% of all the votes cast, 10 percentage points behind the winner and runner-up, and 20 percentage points more than TKL).

For those 95% of S’poreans that didn’t vote for him, there is no need to feel sorry for him for losing his deposit. Even his supporters should not feel sorry that he lost his deposit. The reason?

He loves publicity. Go ask anyone who has worked for him. And the election gave him lots of it.

Spending $48,000 is money well spent on a cost benefit analysis. Look at the coverage he got on TV: MediaCorp debates etc, RazorTV and TOC TV. And all those pixs and articles in print media and on the internet. And then there is radio.

True his campaign cost $120,000 but then the balance of $72,000 is other people’s money, not his. Even if it were his money, $120,000 is peanuts compared to the millions NTUC Income must have spent on TV ads and print ads featuring Tan Kin Lian when he was CEO of Income.

But then maybe TKL wants publicity free of charge, like when he was CEO of Income. Other people’s money, but his publicity.

BTW, the blogger Think Happiness, a TKL groupie, is not AWOL, hiding in shame for endorsing TKL. He assures me he was away. He will be writing again soon.

That leaves only Goh Meng Seng and De Leviathan unaccounted for. Hope to hear from them soon, esp from GMS.

Seventy percent of voters rejected his idea of using the Elected Presidency to provide “some real checks and balances”. They didn’t want, by the back door, a separate centre of power formed from, or advised by people, who could not win seats in parliament.

Worse, 95% of voters certainly didn’t want his preferred candidate, Tan Kin Lian.

What does he think abt his PE reverses, and the chaos in TKL’s campaigning? Does he accept any reponsibility for the latter? I still get indignant when I recall TKL and his team attending a memorial service in their campaign tee-shirts. And chuckle when I recall him squeezing out of his car. And the car was a Jaguar, certainly not a car of the people.  He should have stuck to his Toyota, a People’s Car.

Update on 5 September 2011 at 7.20am

This is a great, mean analysis of TKL’s statement after the election from a non-political blogger

  1. Just admit you are sore your favorite (TCB) didn’t win. Even after such a greatly organized campaign that made no mistakes and wasted 680K of other people’s money, ten times that of TKL’s.

    • No problem admitting that, unlike TKL who refuses to admit that he is no Voice of the People. And who insists that people swung away from him. If he is to believed, the swing was 15% to TCB and 20% to TJS. He saying he could have got 40% of the vote. Sume screw loose sumewhere.

  2. TKL and GMS have shown the world their political acumen. They will continue to get what they rightly deserve and be humiliated at the ballot box.

  3. Be thankful that the glorious PAP and alternative media has allowed these patriots to distract peasants from worrisome national issues such as economic stagnation, escalating cost of living and cultural displacement. Majulah PAP!

  4. TKL should just move. He can’t possibly run for any public office after this humiliating defeat.

  5. Thank you for waiting for me. 🙂

    TKL might have suffered great defeat this time round but it doesn’t mean that he has made the wrong decision back then. We should not judge things with perfect hindsight. There were several surveys (not online surveys) done, some by the establishment itself. The indication is clear that TKL is not the last and definitely not the one who will lose deposit. Of course, there will always be a possibility of losing deposits for any candidates in a 4 corner fight but without hindsight, we could only depend on statistical results there and then.

    Nobody will go into an election knowing that with 100% certainty that he will lose election deposits. But situation will change from time to time and this PE is a classic example on how the initially undecided lot swing and eventually affected those have made first indications initially. Statistically, it is an amazing lesson to learn that human choice can change rapidly and in hordes.

    Goh Meng Seng

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  7. I recall GCT during the GE2011 hustings, urged voters to choose PAP in Aljunied so that Zainuddin can be the Speaker of the Parliament, because it would be a ““perfect balance” – with an Indian President, a Chinese Prime Minister and a Malay Speaker of Parliament”.

    It seems to imply that the original intention was either SR Nathan going for re-election or another Indian candidate running for the Presidency…. and possibly winning by walkover, again.

    All that changed when TKL indicated he intend to run. TKL effectively gave us a contest and a chance to vote, and we should be grateful for that.

    Also, on paper, I would rate TKL’s chance of winning the Presidency as quite good. If he campaigned well, he should quite easily collect AT LEAST 30% in a 3 way contest against TT and TCB. In fact, there is considerable number of voters who voted TCB for no reason other than he is not TT and he can win.

    That said, 2 simple things torpedoed TKL’s bid:

    1) TJS joining the race and supplanting TKL as the guy furthest away from PAP
    2) TKL has a weak campaigning team, and is not a good campaigner.
    I heard he used Google Translate for some of the Chinese campaign posters? If he cant get someone competent in Chinese to vet his campaign poster, I have to question his ability to rally support. And then there is personal charisma, of which he has very little.

    Like a seasoned gambler, he should quit when he was winning and throw his support to TCB or TJS. I didnt need any online poll to know that he ranked dead last in a 4 way contest, simply because I dont know what he stands for…. here is a guy who is sandwiched between TCB and TJS in terms of distance from PAP, and that is a very narrow gap. If he failed to grasped this, then this lack of political acumen is yet another reason why he shouldnt be President.

    Oh, and lastly, have anybody considered that TCB is really the PM’s preferred candidate? Think about it: TCB’s role as an MP is to be a backbencher, ie a pseudo-opposition MP who talks like one, but knows when to back off and “close ranks” when the heat is on.

    The PM may find TCB more useful to him politically as President than TT. Indeed, with TCB as President does not need to prove his independence, unlike TT. What is TT going to do? What if he takes his job too seriously, like OTC did?

    • For the record, TCB was first to say he would stand this yr.

      TKL in 2008 asked for 100,000 names so that he could tell his wife he had support. Even this yr, he vacillatted between standing and thinking of standing.

  8. The real “sore” losers are supporters of TCB who wanted him badly to be President and the supporters of TJS who still think he could be an “opposition” endorsed President. They were proven wrong the night of Election Day and the morning after when the recounting was finished.

    Not a TCB campaign committee member smiled on stage when he left again for the Election Dept for the final recount. He thought his Ayer Rajah would deliver…did it? But Sembawang voters did somebody proud. At least proud enough to make TCB’s supporters feel “sore”.

    Blame that on TKL? Blame that on TJS? Can TJS’s supporters also blame TKL for the 1OOK over votes…No way … was he able to grab them and more from TCB and TT. No way…He was smart enough to dismiss and disperse his supporters early. LOL.

    Come on, all the “sore” losers you know where your “problem” lies…not work hard enough or just enough? This is “sorer” than TKL conceding early defeat…at least TKL’s supporters know the true dear value of the 100K votes which they delivered loyally for TKL whatever ways sored losers want to interpret the meaning of Hi-5 or condemn it.

    • Well TJS and TCB supporters constitute 60% of the voters. So you telling me they wrong to blame yr Heloo TKL?

      • These 60% are somewhat idiotic…whether lose by 34% or 25% still lose. What’s so great ? … just these supporters are “sore” losers. TKL conceded his loss early … his supporters are not like these “sore” losers of TCB & TJS who are still trying to find consolation by blaming others.

      • So TKL, you and other 5% are the smart ones. We 60% are the daft ones. Pls leh even LKY not so elitist.

        I tot TKL “Voice of the People”, not “Voice of the 5% Elite”.

  9. Hey Jim how can TKL used Google Translator for Chinese. For God sake, he has GMS in his team! 🙂

  10. Decide for yourself:

    If TKL had competent Chinese writers in his team, then it just seems to suggest that the team was quite disorganised. There is no question that the more people get to know TKL, the less people like him, which is quite the opposite of TCB. All four candidates should watch how the TCB team can flog a dead horse to life. Especially his ukelele performance. If that came earlier, it might have won it for him.

    • Hell’s bells. I tot you were joking. Sounds true.

      Pity Goh Meng Seng. Will not be gd for his reputation. Wonder if he “clarify” his role in campaign? I hope he will.

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  12. What you wrote is a very serious charge to TKL, you better have something to back it up.

  13. @atans1 – @”These 60% are somewhat idiotic” because a bigger idiot made them seems to be.

  14. Rubbish the myth that it is mistake to continue on even if your popularity is dropping. Know you not the public opinion in Singapore could be engineered to favour those in power. let’s count down to 100 days of TT Presidency and keep look out for TKL or TCB comeback sequel.

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